Porsche Macan S Tinting at GLASSTINT

Handling on the Black Porsche Macan S feels flawless. For such a huge vehicle, you would assume it would be much less agile. However, this crossover SUV can easily and safely navigate any road terrain.

Have you taken your car window tinting? Your car window tinting film plays a bigger role than just being a visual aid and relief from the heat.

Having multiple engine choices really makes the Black Porsche Macan S an attractive purchase. You sure get more aesthetic appeal when you apply window tinting on the Porsche. Inside and out, this SUV is made of only the highest-quality materials available.


Just at the start of the new week, we had the privilege to install a Porsche Macan S tinting at GLASSTINT. The owner of this Macan came to remove another brand tinting film and replace it for GLASSTINT window tinting film. Choosing a premium quality tinting film is a good inversion.

He had just gotten a new car and came to our workshop for window tinting installation. He had as well informed his friends about our good works here at GLASSTINT. Our client needed to improve the aesthetic view of his new Porsche Macan.

Upon our consultation, he desired to install GLASSTINT Shure X 32 for windshield and GLASSTINT Optic W for side and back.

Combination of GLASSTINT Shure X and Optic W

GLASSTINT Shure X 32 uses less shade for a higher result in upholstery protection and heats an absorption so it allows less heat in.

Also, GLASSTINT Optic W is the latest addition to the new inorganic thermal infrared barrier material that is superior in solar barrier and insulation. Being a perfect non-metallic film, it is a good match for the windshield.

Porsche Macan S tinting is complete with these two premium films and the result is flawless.

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