Porsche Panamera GTS Window Tinting

The owner of Panamera GTS installed Glasstint tinting film on his BMW X5 two years ago. And again, he visited us for window tinting installation.

Customer satisfaction

In window tinting business, like any other business, the final goal is always customer satisfaction.

When we proceed with consultation by phone, one of the most frequent requests we hear is "Can I install the same film with the same concentration again?"

This is proof that after experiencing Glasstint, thankfully they satisfied with the result and want Glasstint to install tinting again.

The owner of Panamera GTS experienced Glasstint tinting films on his BMW X5 two years ago. And again, he visited Glasstint for window tinting installation.

Two years is not a long time. However, in the tinting market, some brands pop-up and some disappear, and trend changes.
With various brands, maintaining a single product of the brand is because of previous satisfaction.

Because waiting time in port was long because of the identification problem, we proceed more detailed new car inspection.

As we are Glasstint only care about window tinting, we have space just for tinting installation. What makes Glasstint's tinting is that outstanding product, detailed installation skills, and environment.

Even though the car changed, we moved outstanding heat rejection and visibility to new car.

Ceramic tinting film

Ceramic tinting films Shure X have 95% IR protection regardless of concentration.

Less awkwardness and clear visibility by thin film are another strength of Shure X. To make thinner film, we developed our technology of fabric, raw material, and manufacturing technique.

People say thicker film is better because of durability, but it isn't true as tinting film is made with several thin film added together.

In functionality film, there is scratch-protecting coating. The quality of raw material of this coating and manufacturing skill is more likely to decide durability of film.

Thick film has high inside reflection rate which can lower the visibility.

Visibility is important for safety. To not harm visibility, Shure X used high-end compression technology.

Thicker films have more possibility of interrupt visibility with awkwardness and high inside reflection rate.

Also metallic material interrupts electronic signal. Jamming that occurs in car is often because of metallic film.

This is why most of Glasstint film line-up is non-metallic.

Reasons to re-visit Glasstint are carefully proven film, installation skill, and after care service.