Porsche Panamera Window Tinting Film replacement

This Porsche Panamera already had a decent window tinting film, but it wasn't enough for the owner. He visited us for better heat rejection.

Not enough heat rejection

The installed film had 60% heat rejection. It was another famous tinting brand. It is a high heat rejection but wasn't enough for the owner. So he chose Glasstint Shure X 32 for the windshield.

Ceramic tinting film Shure X

Shure X has outstanding visibility and heat rejection. It has 65% TSER and 95% IR protection.

Shure was our flagship for a long time. And now Shure X upgraded Shure and has natural black, not Shure's bluish color.

It is only installing two thin films, but our effort in it isn't less than total installation. It is our only way to repay the trust we receive.

It is hard to meet expectations, but we always try to be the best to say we are a premium tinting brand.

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