Range Rover Autobiography | Ceramic Window Tinting Installation

A Range Rover arrived at our studio. The owner was looking for a high-quality ceramic window tinting film at a reasonable price.

Range Rover Autobiography

One of the dream cars for people who like luxury SUV is Range Rover Autobiography. This luxury SUV with a long name doesn't talk about the class just with size.

This is the SUV specialized brand Range Rover's flagship model. Autobiography's on-road and off-road driving performance is great. As a result, the interior is as comfortable as a flagship sedan.

This is may be the best model for considering passenger seat and second-row seats.

Range Rover Autobiography came into Glasstint showing off its huge size.
Then, we proceeded with the new car inspection.

Although we are not inspection specialized brand, we proceed inspection with the eyes of installers who see cars everyday. We try to find possible damage or problem on the car.

After inspection, he decided to take over the car. On Range Rover Autobiography we will install window tinting film Rode.

Ceramic Tinting Film Rode

The easier way to meet premium film is Glasstint Rode.

Non-metallic film Rode has heat rejection 80~94% and no jamming and moire effect.

Most importantly, the unique color sense of non-metallic film from outside.

Black-based Rode changes to deep-blue color depends on the light. Also, it shows great visibility from inside. Moreover, Rode's functionality is proven as the United Nations Forces' bulletproof cars installed Rode.

In addition, Rode's deep-blue color sense minimizes the awkwardness of the film by providing visibility optimized to the human's eyes.

We lower the entry barrier and price. However, we didn't leave our value and film's functionality.

If you want to experience the premium class with a reasonable price, come and experience Rode.