Range Rover Evoque Window Tinting

The owner of Range Rover Evoque wanted a bit unique window tinting rather than ordinary one.

Unique car window tinting

He wanted 20% VLT for windshield at any time. As it isn't ordinary choice and we warned him about visibility several times, but his priority was privacy protection. Also, he said he is used to this concentration that it won't be a problem.

New car inspection

Before installation we proceed new car inspection. We check surface, interior material, seat damage, and etc very carefully. It is better to inspect with installers who see cars everyday than the owner alone. We proceed under bright light that more detailed inspection is possible.

Glasstint's new car inspection is free service to everyone who proceed tinting on newly released car. We proceed inspection on overall exterior and interior except mechanical parts like engine.

We couldn't find any problem on Evoque that we proceed masking first to protect the car.

Masking process

Glasstint's masking is for car protection of the owner, but also it is for installers who may lose concentration because of concern to damage car.

To make environment to fully concentrate on tinting installation. It is Glasstint's effort for better quality tinting.

Tinting film installation

We show the customer our products. Then he found Glasstint Shure X interesting option. Finally he decided to install Shure X 20 on the windshield and Shure X 12 on the rest.

Shure X has 95% IR protection and 65% TSER. Also, Shure X gives pleasantness that non-metallic film provides. This film is made of premium ceramic.

Clear visibility made by low inside reflection rate maximizes SUV's strength of broad sight.

Not everything many people do isn't answer. There is tinting that fits our eyes. Like the comfort of wearing customized clothes, you can find it in Glasstint.