Range Rover Premium Car Tinting

Getting your Range Rover's windows tinted can have benefits like safety, security and privacy.  In addition, your car will get an outstanding look.

Careful when choosing a tinting film

The client chose window tinting film based on the pride that he has enough knowledge about window tinting.

He did window tinting on his precious car after checking just heat rejection and TSER. However, the result wasn't what he expected from the beginning.

This was the situation of Range Rover Sport's owner when he came to Glasstint.

He installed in well-known window tinting brand with a high-quality film. However, the quality of the installation didn't match the reputation of the brand and the quality of the film.

Unlike the expectation to get better, more and more problems pop up.

The owner of Range Rover Sport looked for a brand with installation skill and high-quality film which was Glasstint.

We don't judge clothes just based on fabric. Even with the best fabric, the result depends on who makes the cloth.

Tinting installation skills

Good window tinting is born in the hand of the installer dealing with a good film.

One of the reasons why car owners visit Glasstint is that great film isn't everything in good window tinting.

Most of the well-known brand's high-class films' functionality is insured. However, the result depends on the hand of the installer.

  • Windshield: Shure
  • Sides and Rear window: Optic W 15
  • Sunroof: Shure

Combination of Shure and Optic W which have heat rejection of 94~5% and 80% insure the higher functionality than before.

The quality of the installment was what matters for today's installation. After checking the details of the installation, the owner of Range Rover Sport was satisfied without any hesitation.

Is there a brand also doing the installation in well-known window tinting brand?

Glasstint Cheongdam Center is one and only brand where the CEO participates in installation.

Brand checking the installation techniques with film's functionality is only possible in Glasstint.

Yet as it is a human job, using the word "perfect" is nearly impossible.
However, Glasstint is running toward that area of impossible continually.