Range Rover Sport Window Tinting

In this article, we want to talk about Range Rover Sport window tinting. If you're the owner of a Range Rover and you are thinking about tinting your precious car, you need to keep reading.

For a better understanding, we will use a study case with a client who came recently to Glasstint for tinting his Range Rover Sport.

Before coming to Glasstint, the owner did research about window tinting. He knew that TSER is something you need to check.

What is TSER?

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) includes visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy. TSER is one of the most important values to check when you are thinking about tinting your vehicle.

This client also knew the importance of a proper installation. He read about us in Naver, a Korean version of Google, and he was impressed by the number of good reviews. After that, he had the feeling that he can leave his car with us without any worries.

Window Tinting experts

Of course, choosing a quality film is important. But it is useless if the installation is not done correctly. At Glasstint we are experts in window tinting installation. All the reviews that customers write on the internet are not only about the film but about our quality service.

Before the installation, we cover all the car with protective plastic and tape. We take care of the client's car as if it were our own. That's the key when looking for a window tinting studio. See how they take care of the cars.

Good tinting is not all about film. This is one of the biggest reasons why clients choose Glasstint.​ There are a lot of well know brands for window tinting. But in the end, the result relies on the hands of the technician.

Window Tinting films

Range Rover is a brand that requires a high-quality tinting film. If you invested your money in a car like Range Rover Sport, it makes sense that you also invest to protect it.

A tinting film is not only about the looks. An adequate film can provide protection against sun rays and the damage they can cause.

In case of accident, a film can be a lifesaver too. Tinting films have a powerful pressure-sensitive adhesive used to fix the film onto the glass prevents the glass from shattering to minimize fatality in case of accidents.

For Range Rover Sport window tinting, we used these films:

Shure has a 94 to 95% heat rejection and Optic W has 80% heat rejection. This combination can reduce indoor summer temperatures up to 13ºC and blocks solar energy and heat better than current films.

After the window tinting installation is completed, we check again so everything is perfect. Customer satisfaction goes first.

What is special about Glasstint?

In the window tinting market, you can find good film brands and good tinting studios. Usually, a tinting studio buys famous brand films and install them.

What is special about Glasstint, is that we produce our own film. Thanks to our experience we know how a film should behave and what's important in its specifications. We are the only brand in South Korea who does this.