Tesla S Window Tinting | What is the best tinting for Tesla?

The owner of a Tesla S visited Glasstint to install ceramic window tinting on his new vehicle.

The luxury electronic car Tesla S came to Glasstint. The owner of Tesla S visited Glasstint to dress-up and add luxury while containing Tesla's own feeling.

Picking the right tinting film for Tesla

We consulted that it is important to consider the characteristic of driving.

Tesla S's high-speed traveling needs clear visibility while driving and how the film fits the design of the car were key points choosing the tinting film.

We showed our previous works and after going through sedan's installation, his final choice was Shure X, with natural sky blue and sharp midnight blue.

As it is important to secure visibility for the windshield, most people install brighter film compared to sides and rear windows.

Shure X 12 provides the driver the more comfortable driving by strong privacy protection and unique deep blue color increases the class of the car.

PicoEdge Technique

While installing the tinting film, we use a special technique called PicoEdge.
It is how we match the end of the window and tinting film. Especially for a frameless door like Tesla S's, Pico-edge is really effective.

Rear window's installation is done perfectly!
It is really important to be careful while rear window installation because there are heat rays at the rear window.

Window Tinting Process

First, the covering process for protecting the inside of the car. This prevents the possible damage dealt to the car's interior.

And then masking. This is the process that prevents possible scratch or contamination to the car.

Time to cut the tinting films. We do customized cutoff in Glasstint. Customized cutoff takes more time and more difficult work to us, but it gives more satisfying results to customers that we do 100% customized cutoff.

Now, heat shrinking. The shrinking is how we match the curve of the window. As film is straight and windows have curves, it is necessary to do shrinking before installing the tinting film to the window.

With a higher standard compared to general window tinting, we do all the process again. If the installation didn't meet our standards, we do it again.

The final result

After window tinting, we upgraded this Tesla Model S. Now the owner will be protected against the sun rays and enjoy more privacy.

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