Tinting Lamborghini Urus x3


They have named theirs the Lamborghini Urus, after a type of extinct breed of cattle. It comes at no surprise that this vehicle is high tech.

It has been fitted with three different screens, one of which can interpret your handwriting.

These past weeks we've had many of these Lamborghini Urus SUVs pass by our tinting shops thanks to our partnership with Lamborghini.

Sometimes even three or four at a time. We like working on the window tint for the Urus as the final result really enhances its sporty image.

GLASSTINT window tint company is one out of few window tint companies you can trust to handle your Lamborghini as our level of professionalism is unparalleled with the use of PicoEdge Technology when applying. 

We only install and supply premium ceramic films that provide the utmost protection and style. As a window tint brand in Korea, we ensure that you and your vehicle have the ultimate in window tint protection.


With the knowledge of our trained experts, we made a decision on the type and cost of tinting film. Windshield - GLASSTINT Shure X 32, side front, side back and back windows - GLASSTINT Shure X 12.

GLASSTINT Shure X is a quality ceramic window tinting film durable enough to hold all of your glass together no matter how bad the accident and adding this extra safety measure can help avoid injuries. It has a powerful pressure-sensitive adhesive used to fix the film onto the glass of the windshield.

At GLASSTINT, we’re so confident in our window tinting film installation services that we offer our own lifetime warranty on labor. Our experienced and trained specialists can help you choose the right tinting film for your needs.

Lamborghini Seoul trusts us to tint their cars because they know we have the best window tinting film and service.

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