Van Tinting for privacy and protection

A special client came to GLASSTINT. We thought it might be for business reasons, but he said he bought a second car for his beloved family and employees and lo and behold, the second car happens to be a van.

Then, the consultation for the films to be used in this van started.

The customer decided to install the Pender tinting film for an optimum heat blocking and a good looking exterior. Windshield: Pender 35 / sides and back: Pender 15.


GLASSTINT's beautiful film Pender is a unique film that increases exposure depending on the angle. It functions both as fashion and as a high-performance tinting film.

Protect the occupants of your van with a tinted window. Pender is perfect because it gives you heat protection and privacy, but the visibility is completely clear.

Some may worry about whether color influences visibility. As shown in the photograph, in the interior, the colors don't vary as in the exterior. The visibility of the film is great.

Typically, we spend 4 hours installing the films. But for this van tinting, we spent more. We worked in a clean environment with no dust, and we installed the high-level installation films.

All Glastint films can be shipped to more than 200 countries around the world. We are currently recruiting Master Shops and Suppliers.
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