Veracruz heat blocking tinting for the family

A heat blocking window tinting is crucial. It is recommendable to invest in a premium tinting film, rather than wasting time and money in cheap service films. 

For today's client, this is his second installation at GLASSTINT. He wanted the best film for his family's comfort. Let's take a look at what he chose.

Windshield: Shure 40%
Rear and side glasses: Optic 15%
Sunroof: Shure 40%

Shure film has been chosen for the windshield. 

99% UV ray blocking

95% IR ray blocking

Shure is a film with great heat blocking and with no metals. As it's non-metallic, there is no electromagnetic interference when using the navigator (GPS). Thus, it is good for the front window that is close to the electronic devices including the GPS.

Furthermore, made with 'Super clear' fabric, it has really clear visibility. Shure has basically all the requisites for a premium heat blocking film.

The film that has been chosen for the rear and side glasses is Optic.

99% UV ray blocking

81% IR ray blocking

Of course, Optic is non-metallic as well, so it is completely okay to install an Optic film in the windshield as well.

However, the best combination we recommend for, both economical efficiency and performance, is Shure (windshield) + Optic (rear and sides).

We adhere a metallic sticker at the bottom of the rear glass for the clients we receive at our studio. It's both our customers' and our own pride.

We finished the installation of the films that will provide the greatest comfort for the driver, and the other passengers as well.