Window Tinting Film Rode and Pender for BMW

The obvious benefit of window tinting is the privacy that tinted car windows provide. It shields outsiders from being able to see directly into the vehicle, therefore, it can help protect your precious belongings while you are not around.

A tinting film is a film layered over a glass window. In an accident, the tinting film adhesive film can act as a glue that keeps the glass from shattering all over the place. This is definitely not the case for non-tinted windows.

The BMW model car can be regarded as our familiar car. Here at GLASSTINT, we are not a novice as regards BMW tinting film installation.

You can visit our website for all of our various tinting film products. In today's blog update, we would be having a battle between GLASSTINT Pender and Rode window tint on a BMW 528i model car. Same car, different tinting film. Side back - Rode 35, Side front- Pender 15, and Back window - Pender 15.

Now, let's do some comparison between GLASSTINT Pender and Rode window tint

Truthfully, driving the BMW 528i in early spring weather (which included snow) seems to be like a solid highway cruiser, with a big head-up display and a bigger center stack display that allowed for a split-screen with multiple windows.

However, won't you rather make it more cruising installing GLASSTINT Pender tinting film?

It has a better tinting speed and construction quality index than other ordinary films. Trust me, we can make deliver all our ceramic tinting films to you wherever you're all over the world.

To tackle all heat-related issues on your windshield, GLASSTINT's Rode 35 is a one-stop solution. It not only reduces heat inside the car but also blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) rays.

It is a ceramic tinting film that is different from other standard window tinting films.

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