Mercedes Benz CLS 400d with GLASSTINT

We installed a window tinting film on the Benz CLS400. Most notably in this post, we explain the reason why this vehicle was installed with the GLASSTINT window film.

Dealers used to employ any kind of method to sell cars, especially if it is a new premium vehicle. One of the ways to motivate customers to purchase a car is giving some sort of free service, like tinting installation, navigation, installation, tires, etc.

Which car window film has the dealer recommended?

When he just purchased his new Mercedes Benz CLS400d and as a service, he was “awarded” with Llumar tinting for free. Of course, he was glad to get this free bonus, so expected nothing bad.

Well, after he has got his Benz back with windows tinted, he did not notice anything wrong straight away. However the next day he was inspecting the vehicle’s window tinting quality again and discovered some weird merely visible dust beneath the tinting film. This is an obvious sign of low-quality tinting installation.

Furthermore, he contacted the dealer requesting to reinstall film, because it seems not right to have absolutely new premium vehicle with bad tinting on in. The dealer agreed to do it, but the final result was not better.

Under those circumstances, the customer eventually visited GLASSTINT to get relevant to the car quality of windows film installation.

You can see the problem clearly in this picture

What was the customer's preference for car tinting installation?

We started the whole masking to avoid damaging any part of the car. Some tinters omit the masking part before the film is installed, but we take our time performing this protection procedure.

After we finished masking, the old tinting film removal process starts. To avoid damaging window glass while removing the film, we spread already prepared special chemical liquid, which helps tear film easier leaving no print on glass. In this case, the film had been removed pretty easily.

From time to time there is a situation when it does not go with ease. In those cases, we use slight additional heating, while tearing it off.

We always take time to help our customer in selecting the right film, depending on the needs and preferences.

This Mercedes Benz owner had chosen the following tinting film:

Windshield – Shure X 32%
Side and back - Shure X 12%
Sunroof - Shure X 12%