Tinting? Don’t worry about it anymore (ft. Cadillac Escalade)

Hello, it’s GLASSTINT.

Today is another demostration of how

we install our premium heat-blocking films.

Today’s installation protagonist is the Cadillac Escalade.

In this photograph we can see that the car is coming inside the 

GLASSTINT studio for the installacion.

Before choosing the film,

there are things that must be checked.

For instance, the purpose of installation, the most important part, etc. 

Today, I will present you a combination that 

satisfies both performance and cost.


Windshield : Shure 40%

Rear and side glasses : Optic 15%

Sunroof : Optic 45%

The film that has been tinted in the windshield is SHURE.

It’s GLASSTINT’s representative film. 

99% UV ray blocking

95% IR ray blocking

It has an excellent heat blocking ability 

although it’s non-metallic.

As it doesn’t have electromagnetic interference,

it is the best option por the windshield.

Not only of its capability of blocking heat and voiding electromagnetic interference,

but also its visibility makes shure outstanding

The film installed in the side and rear glasses is Optic.

UV blocking up to 81%

IR blocking 99%

All GLASSTINT films are installed using a 

high level installation technique.

‘Pico Edge’, ‘Shrinking’, ‘One-sheet-for-rear installation method’; all of these techniques 

complete a meticulous installation for the vehicle.

The best quality performance,

a reasonable combination, 

and an outstanding installation capability.

Front SHURE + Back OPTIC

This provides satisfaction to anyone.

After all the installation is finished,

we adhere a metallic sticker at the back.

This is an emblem that shows the installation is done,

and also a pride for our customer and for us.

If you are worrying about where you should get the tinting films installed,

or can’t decide which tinting to install…

Think about today’s tinting combiation!