Well begun is half done.

There are many other ways to become a Tinter. Tinting skills could be learnt if you pay. But You can not learn anywhere. Important fact is “the person is absolutely influenced by the teacher”. The skills required for practice, attitude and business mindset begin with the first training.

We teach not just technology, but technology that customers like. In this regard You should not learn technology that is not sold to the customer.

Training Period

  • 40 hours(8 hours a day / 5 days training)
    • The very start in automotive glass tinting training is learning how to prepare film for the tinting. Practice of door window pattern cutting, cleaning, and squeegeeing through the two-shot door glass film attachment method. The subsequent one-shot glass construction is more difficult than the two-shot glass construction. The most brilliant technology of glass tinting is heat shrinking technology.
    • You will learn this technique and learn how to build a back glass. Windscreen tinting technology requires efficient construction of larger glass. After the beginning, You should be able to do it Yourself without anyone’s help. It also requires a sophisticated posture and action. But the key is to reduce unnecessary actions. We will help You to be as focused as artists concentrated on creating artworks. With our education, You will see how important Your first step as a tinting artist is.

Training Costs

  • $ 2,800

ProTinter Personnel Limit

  • One training schedule is limited to 2-5 students.

Certification after Completion of the Training

  • After completion, “PROTINTER COURSE LICENSE” will be presented.

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

  •  If You have any questions about enrollment in educational course, please click [Any Help?] menu on the right side of the screen. We will respond as soon as possible.You will learn a skill that will help You to become a true PROTINTER. You will know exactly how to handle unwanted situations as an appropriate foundation, sequence, procedure, perfect process and PROTINTER. GLASSTINT  school of tinting has  limits for the number of students per class and improves the value of education through an eco-friendly learning environment.