King of Car Tinting.

A person with sufficient experience and technical skills in the field of car window tinting can be a Royal Master. This is a certified instructor who can learn the knowledge and detailed skills of Window Film from Car Tinter. In the future Royal Master will be called an honorary king in the field of Car Tinting. If you have more than 10 years of technical experience and human resources, apply for Royal Master training now. The Royal Master Certificate will be issued after training. Royal Master will be introduced to Royal Master Symbol on the GLASSINT Brand website.

Training Period

  •       40 hours

            (8 hours a day / 5 days training)

Training Topics

  • Participation eligibility criteria
    You can apply for the course only after three years from the completion of our TintMaster course. Prior to that a candidate must have more than five years of experience in Window Tinting. Tinting skills must already be professional.
  • GLASSTINT brand Tinting manual Training
    Recheck Car Tinting skills such as tool usage, Tinting installation preparation, process itself, finishing skills. Students will also learn about glass, solar and research. Students will learn how to construct and teach film by film according to the GLASSTINT brand manual.

Training Costs

  • $ 1,500 & The deposit is 50%.

Limit the number of students.

  • Up to 3 people, however 1:1 training is recommended.

Certification after Completion of the Training

  • After completion, “ROYAL MASTER COURSE LICENSE” will be presented.

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

  • If you have any questions about enrollment in educational counseling, please click [Any Help?] on the menu on the right. We will respond as soon as possible. You will learn a skill to become a true ROYAL MASTER. You will know exactly how to handle unwanted situations as an appropriate foundation, sequence, procedure, perfect process. GLASSTINT Tinting school has limits for the number of students per class and improves the value of education through an eco-friendly learning environment.