Let’s overcome the limits of Car Tinting.

Let me introduce you to our glass-tinting seminar course. The shade of a car window requires high manual skill. There may not be many technical know-how, especially with years of installation experience, depending on customer level or the quality level or the nature of the tinted installation.

Also, the problem is to think “I’m the best.” Perhaps this idea stops the installer from developing. Therefore, the GLASTINT Automatic Windowing Training School will help you upgrade to the next level. Apply for the seminar now.

Training Period

           8 hours

          (8hours a day / 1 days training)

Training Topics

  • Seminar A
    Detailed Glass Finish Installation TechnologyTrain the technology to perfectly match the glass top end glass to the film next to the vehicle.This technology is called GLASSTT PicoEdge. Even after installing the film, the finish line is not visible, so it looks like a colored glass. You have to be different from others to attract more customers and get a fair construction fee. The installation technique know-how will be transferred which is included for 8 hours.
  • Seminar B
    Challenge the ultimate limits of heat shrinkage technology.Different films around the world have different film structures and different components. However, it is often the same way that all films heat shrink. Understanding the structure and composition of the film can lead to continuous development of heat shrinkage technology.It will be a distinct opportunity to study and experience various ways to shrink various films.There is a way to make the film comfortable and quickly shrink without damaging the film. I need one necessary opportunity for you. It’s an application for seminar B.
  • Seminar C
    A Study on the Finishing Method of Dust-free Windscreen and the Latest Method of Film-Installation of Side Glass with DeepIs it possible to do a tinting construction without any dust? The answer is no. But we’re going to innovate on the dust that we’re going to find after we’ve installed it.   There is a way to reduce it. It’s not that most tinters don’t know this method at all, but they don’t find the point. Learn how to install a minimum level of dust even with 100 vehicles. Over the past five years, vehicles with extreme difficulty have been produced with deep backing of side glass vehicles. If you install Tinting Film on a vehicle like this, the film will turn off when you push it into the Most of the time, construction is done in the same order and manner as before. We will learn how to install something different but epochal. Obviously, installation quality will be improved through this seminar.

Training Costs

  •  $700 per person on an eight-hour day basis.

Seminar personnel limit

  •  Education is responsible for three students per instructor.
             Up to nine people will be accepted in one seminar.

Certification after Completion of the Training

  • After completion, “G. SEMINAR COURSE LICENSE” will be presented.

Register for Training Consultation and Reservation

  •  If you have any questions about the seminar, please click [Any Help?] below. We will respond as soon as possible. You will learn techniques that can be applied to various seminars. As an appropriate foundation, sequence, procedure, perfect process and tonal artist, you will know exactly how to handle and apply unwanted situations. GLASSTINT TINING INSTALLATION The institute limits the number of students per class and improves the value of education through an environmentally friendly learning environment.