How customers are treated, and how the tinting films are installed at GLASSTINT.

Porsche Cayenne is one of the SUVs that provide

the best driving emotion.

After the car came into our installation store,

we went to the VIP room, with our client, before the installation.

The VIP room is the place where we carry out

a detailed consultation about the installation.

We consult about the needs of the customer,

ask about the experiences and thoughts of the client ,

and create a good combination of heat-blocking tinting film.

What we think is important is the performance of the film,

the parts to be installed, the costumer’s visibility, and the price.

We present our films’ performance

by going through a visibility test,

and a heat-blocking rate test.

All of these services are included in the installation price,

and we think this makes the installation more satisfactory.

When the installation of the films starts,

our clients can go to our “Coffee in Studio”

coffee store and watch the installation process.

The Cayenne’s tinting film installation history is as follows.

Windshield : Shure 50%

Rear and side glasses : Optic 15%

The first place to be installed is the winshield.

The installation film is GLASSTINT’s most beloved tinting film SHURE.

With 50% concentration.

Shure has a heat-blocking rate up to a 95%,

an excellent visibility thanks to the ‘Super Clear’ fabric,

and as a non-metallic film, not having any electromagnetic interference,

is outstanding compare to similar films

El primer lugar a instalar es el winshield.

In this photograph, we can see the clear visibility
from the inside of the Cayenne.

The next installation parts are the side glasses.

The installation film is GLASSTINT’s second best seller, OPTIC.

With 15% concentration.

Optic has a heat-blocking rate up to a 81%,

and as same as Shure, made of Super clear fabric,

it has a clear visibility.

It is non-metallic, which means it doesn’t have any electromagnetic disturbance too.

The Shure + Optic combination lessens the price burden,

and maximizes the efficiency.

Even though it has dark concentration of 15%,

the visibility is really nice. 🙂

After the installation,

we advice our costumers not to open the windows.

We put this letter of attention for those who forget this advice.

This can be seen as a delicate consideration for our customers to feel satisfied.

The Optic film has been installed to the rear glass as well.

After the installation we adhere this GLASSTINT metallic sticker.

All the installation processes for the Cayenne are finished.

Come to a GLASSTINT studio for a window tinting with no regrets. 🙂