Windshield tinting for Genesis. Choose carefully.

Today, the owner of a Genesis came to GLASSTINT to get his windshield tinted.

Our customer knew the importance of the first film after getting a new car,

and didn’t receive any installations prior to coming to GLASSTINT.

He compared the heat blocking performance, the visibility, and A/S services,

and after all, decided to visit GLASSTINT.

This photograph expresses the importance of the window tinting.

All this time, the owner of the car has probably been bothered with a hard-to-drive environment,

having to narrow his eyes against the glare of the sun passing through the window of his car.

Anyone who experienced the importance of the tinting film should agree.

The owner had already chosen the Optic 35% film for the windshield,

after going through many information, before coming to our store.

However, after having a consultation with a tinting professional,

he chose an Optic 45%.

Because the concentration of the tinting is related to visibility,

tinting films that are too thick can cause fatigue in the eyes of the driver and lead to accidents at night.

The windshield tinting is particularly connected to safety,

so you should come to the store directly and compare it with your eyes.

Masking – 100% hand worked film – shrinking.

All the processes are finished with the GLASSTINT installation technique.

Let’s take a look at the finished Genesis.

Windshield – Optic 45%

Solar energy blocking rate 46%

Heat blocking rate 74%

UV blocking rate 99%              

In addition, the nonmetallic film Optic does not cause reception degradation disturbances when using GPS navigators, electronic tolls, phones, etc.

It is wiser to carefully select the necessary functions

rather than spending time and money re-installing cheap films various times.

Invest in GLASSTINT.

We promise you no regrets.