Our Tinting Films are from a

New Generation

Our premium nano-ceramic window films are some of the most advanced optical technology in the world.

They are amazing to look at and have low transmission and high rejection of light without interference or compromising on style and clarity.

Repeals Heat

Inorganic compounds designed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. GLASSTINT Premium Ceramic Tint can reduce indoor summer temperatures up to 13ºC* and blocks solar energy and heat better than current films

** with up to 96.2% infrared ray rejection*

Reflects UV

Our high-quality tinting film blocks 99% of UV in all our product lines so it protects your skin from harmful UV rays thanks to advanced nano-ceramic technology.

Shatterproof Protection

A powerful pressure-sensitive adhesive used to fix the film onto the glass prevents the glass from shattering to minimize fatality in case of accidents.

No interference

Our films are non-metallic but are made out of premium ceramic so they won’t cause any interference inside vehicles molecular structure

South Korea is Number 1 Worldwide on

Optical Technology

Korean Technology

Our production facility is in Korea, home to the most advanced optical technology in the world.

Our ceramic window films bolster advanced properties to make them safer for consumers as well as beautiful.

Quality Controls

GLASSTINT high-end tinting film is produced in a spotless facility and has strict quality control.

This will reduce your costs by eliminating complaints and issues, so you no longer need to deal with returns or worries about pinholes, dust or other common problems that affect most films.

Car Tinting Concept Evolution with GLASSTINT

From the roots of window tinting considered as a “garage case” which didn’t receive enough attention to a highly developed artistic approach, we’ve had experience of working along the path with dedication and a good heart.

Car tinting can drastically change a car’s looks.

In fact in our hands “car window tinting” has acquired a premium status, which is obtained through our GLASSTINT studios, our service approach, our after-sales warranty certification system, and, of course, high quality branded ceramic window tinting film.

Pinnacle the Rapper – GLASSTINT Anthem

We created the Premium Tinting Films with Passion, Dedication, and 25 years of experience.

If you are a wholesaler or an importer looking to expand your current catalogue by offering more options within the ceramic tinting range then GLASSTINT is ideal for you.