Our Tinting Films are from

New Generation

Our premium nano-ceramic window films feature the most advanced optical technology in the world.

They look amazed along with the low transmission, high rejection of light without any interference or affecting on style and clarity.

Heat Rejection

Inorganic compounds help stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. GLASSTINT Premium Ceramic Tint can reduce indoor summer temperatures by up to 13 degrees Celsius and block solar energy and heat better than other current films.

** Up to 97.4% infrared ray rejection*

UV Protection

Our high-quality tinting films block up to 99.9% of UV radiation throughout all product lines, so they protect your skin from harmful UV rays thanks to advanced nano-ceramic technology. 

Shatterproof Protection

Tint film uses powerful pressure-sensitive adhesive on the glass to prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an accident.

No Interference

Our film’s materials do not interfere with radio signals and call receptions. 

South Korea is the world’s best in

the Optical Technology

Korean Technology

We manufacture GLASSTINT film at the top factory in the nation that provides QLED screens without any glare or distortion.

It features advanced properties to make our customers safer and more beautiful.

Quality Control

GLASSTINT high-end tinting film is being manufactured in a spotless facility under the very strict quality control process .

No need to cope with returns or worries caused by any pinhole, dust and any other issues that affect film’s performance. 

Automotive Tinting Evolution by GLASSTINT

We have walked on our path having dedication and a sincere heart although we experienced a long time that window tinting was just considered as a sort of “garage stuff” not for an artistic approach

Automotive window tinting drastically elevates the look of a vehicle.

We have advanced our brand up to a premium level by building up our tinting studio, service approach methods, after-sales warranty certification system ,and the technically advanced ceramic film brand.

Pinnacle the Rapper – GLASSTINT Anthem

We created Premium Tinting Films with Passion, Dedication, and 25 years of experience.

Are you a wholesaler or an importer looking to expand your current catalog product range by offering more ceramic tinting films? GLASSTINT is the answer for you