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What’s the PicoEdge™ ?

PicoEdgeTM is a unique tinting technique that provides hours of enjoyment once completed.

GLASSTINT offers customized technology tailored to any vehicle and provides a more stable service than any tinting system. Over 50,000 vehicles applied with PicoEdge technology are our valuable know-how.

What’s the difference ?

GLASSTINT’s PicoEdgeTM tinting is a one-of-a-kind tinting method that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass. It is a high-quality method that produces a flawless finish, giving the tinted car window the appearance of original colored glass and satisfying all who see the final result.

GLASSTINT PicoEdgeTM technology is a delicate film installation method that astonish

* Registered as ‘PICOEDGE’ at the Patent Office

Perfection is no longer a fantasy 

Even for the most skilled car tinting installer, tinting a car’s side window that looks exactly like colored glass has been a pipe dream. So far, it has been accepted that seeing the film at the end of the glass that does not match the top of the side glass is normal.

Attaching a pre-cut film to the glass after cutting is very different from cutting it to fit the glass end line of the car after attaching it to the glass.

When you lower the glass, you will notice a distinct difference from the tinting finish of other vehicles. 

Nowadays, tinting is considered part of the vehicle’s finish and has a significant impact on style, so the customer’s perception is critical. Many high-end customers and partners have placed their trust in GLASSTINT’s tinting technique for their prized automobiles.

Premium Master Construction Shop offers PicoEdgeTM Technical Service.

Tinting Artisanship

PicoEdgeTM is available to customers at all GLASSTINT Premium Master Shops. Because it requires a higher level of training, it is only used by a few skilled technicians. The distinguishable shaving technology is one of the reasons why GLASSTINT’s PicoEdgeTM advanced tinting technique is so beloved and why our customers always return to install it in their new cars.

Continuous Technological Advancement

Multiple linked techniques work together to achieve perfection.

PicoEdgeTM tinting technique is completed by a combination of various skills such as a dust-reducing cleaning method, film rolling minimization, and a working order that minimizes repetitions. The spirit of GLASSTINT is to apply artisanship to a vehicle’s glass in order to advance tinting technique.

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