A company of a new generation

That means we aren’t willing to follow in the footsteps of existing companies.

1. Superior Products

We are completely confident in our window tinting films.

Window tinting could be considered an investment and not a cost. Your car was chosen because of its beauty and technical specs. We believe that your window tint should match the vehicle and enhance its aesthetic while offering the best protection for you.

Our premium nano-ceramic window films are some of the most advanced optical technology in the world. They are amazing to look at and have low transmission and high rejection of light without using any metals or compromising on style and clarity.

2. Craftsmanship in our service

The world-class film is only part of the equation. It also needs to be installed properly.

There is no compromise in quality, so in our pursuit of the ideal craftsmanship, no effort is too much if it results in a better outcome. Our work is visually different than that of other brands, whose cuts are completed in just a few minutes, we take our time to make the installation flawless.

We’re proud to use customized technology tailored to any vehicle that provides a more stable service than any other tinting system. More than 35,000 vehicles now don GLASSTINT’s PicoEdge™ technology in their window tinting.

3. Our studios

Our Master Shops are something else

We are the only brand that prioritizes cleanliness and comfort as part of our main structure. We’re specialized in high-end tinting for owners who love their cars.

Our studio provides comfort and enjoyment to our visitors but they are designed to also render the ideal working environment as dust particles and the static electricity are fully under control and away from the tinting film resulting in clear, clean and flawless window tinting.  

4. Our training

A wealth of experience in performing the most challenging installations

At GLASSTINT, the period of education of our technicians is longer than in other brands.

In order to amaze customers with the best installations possible, we only work with experienced technicians who are continually trained and audited. The technical staff at GLASSTINT consists of experts that became the first to implement advanced premium tinting techniques, including Korea’s first heat-reflective auto glass installation technique (heat shrink), professional windshield installation, and our famous PicoEdge™ technique.

We are continuously exploring the best of the latest installation technologies to offer a cutting edge service that is admired throughout the industry. Our training has become sought-after, even from abroad, which is why we opened our Academy

5. A strong brand

We triumphed in a tough market

Korea is one of the most difficult markets in the world, not only is there very tough competition around, but consumers are highly demanding. Because GLASSTINT considers extending beyond customer satisfaction as their number one priority, we take care of every single customer with heartfelt sincerity. The delicacy of our work in car window tinting has resulted in the utmost differentiation.  We are proud to boast a database with more than 50,000 car tinting cases from all over Korea and a continually growing list of Premium Master shops and over 170 partners

Our high-end products and premium services has allowed GLASSTINT to become the preferred tinting film brand by BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and, Lamborghini showrooms in Korea. 

6. Customer Service

An integrated system for a comfortable service

We work with a centralized ERP system that integrates a membership management system, a nationwide reservation system, an after-sales system, logistics management, G-Point management, and a quality assurance system.

It is an integrated B2B and B2C management system that results in an organized structure, as well as every Premium Master shop able to provide after-sales service anywhere no matter where you tinted your car initially.  GLASSTINT makes customer services more comfortable than ever.


You can enjoy it in your car too