We are a company, of a new generation. That means we aren’t willing to follow in the footsteps of existing companies. We are absolutely confident in our window tinting films thanks to the wealth of experience in performing the most challenging installations, as we have performed automobile window tinting on countless high-end vehicles.

Purchase GLASSTINT window tinting film from our website or filling out a partner application form, you will have the first button to partner with us. It is now possible to further develop and design the future through international exchanges. In this regard GLASSTINT Global Partnership will provide you with a way to go to a wider world through technology, marketing, trademark, certificate and educational partnership.

Furthermore everyone tries to save money, however, GLASSTINT Academy spares no expense in creating a pleasant training environment to teach as effective as possible how to tint. Training efficiency has been increased by ensuring trainees best feelings and conditions.

Our goal is to supply the high quality tinting film produced at the factory directly to your store by minimizing the distribution system at various stages. You can reduce costs and have the advantage of being able to advise on quality improvement directly to your production brand.

As time goes by, the ones who are stuck in their own little worlds avoid exchanges and communications with others. Water should flow smoothly to stay clean. You should let the old give way to the new.

Improve technical knowledge in academy and visit Korea
We are proud of know-how through installation experience database of 40,000 car tinting cases. Korean people are one of the most demanding costumers in the world. The delicacy of the car window tinting result is also our great strength.

Technical training and seminars, and a program to visit Korea. GLASSTINT is actively helping to solve paperwork problems such as Visa in countries that are difficult to visit in Korea.

The film produced by GLASSTINT is a customer-focused tint film.

The ultrahigh-definition and solar shutdown processor is the best price-to-quality ratio and can not be compared with other companies.

GLASSTINT has produced only the best selling films and have already become the most preferred tinting film brands in the Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen showrooms in Korea. Now, with the GLASSTINT film that our customers have preferred in Korea, the goal is to conquer the world.

Design is influential.

The film is just fabric. After tinting, the result may look similar to any product.

To be different is to get a lot of difference in results.

The appearance of the store and the result of construction after the work can be a design area in the eyes of the customer.

GLASSTINT provides design support to make your store design and installation result photos look better.

We are proud to say that it is a brand that can design a space better than any other brand.

Pico Edge Special Tinting Technology

There is a car tinting that provides endless satisfaction with only one execution. It is undeniable that Pico Edge technology will satisfy each and every individuals.

GLASSTINT offers customized technology tailored to any vehicle and provides a more stable service than any tinting system. The 40,000 vehicles applied with Pico Edge technology are our valuable know-how.

The trademark logo is not the most important factor that has to be shown in a brand. However, it is necessary to place the GLASSTINT brand logo in a visually effective spot. The ones that are able to bring the sales using that sort of publicity effect can be the owner of a GLASSTINT Premium Master shop.

Internet Advertising
Promotional materials are provided to those, who perform Internet advertising after becoming a GLASSTINT Premium Master shop partner.
The design sources for the original logo design, brand promotional printouts, and web design will be provided as well. Please contact your local supplier or headquarters any time.

What customers want is to be able to trust. That trust comes from objective technical skills.

To open a Premium Master store, you must comply with the upward standardized technology policy.

Of course, it is crucial to take a GLASSTINT Master Training course and it is also necessary to increase the satisfaction level of the demanding customer base, regarding car tinting technology. A professional engineer or business representative with such a spirit of a technician will be entitled to a premium master tinting store.

A GLASSTINT Premium Master tinting store must have resting facilities for customers, and the place must be spacious to provide a safe and comfortable working place for the customer’s vehicle. Ensure the customer’s vehicle can stay in a safe and spacious working place. Therefore separate room for drinking coffee, while watching car tinting, will give a bigger pleasure to the customer. The response corresponding to a premium customer service begins in these places.

What is essential is a place for the car and a comfortable space for the driver of the vehicle.

The After-sales service is as important as the film quality

A window film is semi-finished, not finished. The person who completes the product is a tinting technician. However, as the characteristics and the technologies that each technician applies are different, the customer also demands various installation qualities.

Perhaps it is GLASSTINT’s customized after-sales service what respects the customer’s eye rather than the technician’s viewpoint. The after-sales service is as important as attracting new customers. Anyone who knows the importance of it can be the protagonist of GLASSTINT’s tinting store partner.

Premium Master Shop Opening Guide

The Premium Master shop is one of the systems of the GLASSTINT window tinting brand shops. We treat the window film as a major item. We have a masterful technology and a customer-responsive store system in our arsenal. Thanks to it, GLASSTINT meets various customer requirements. Based on a B2B and B2C computer program, done through advanced work, we offer an automobile tinting service that can be applied to the reality of each country in any continent. We provide you a guide to establish a Premium Master shop.
Do you want to make money? The first thing you need to do is to meet a tinting brand that will increase your value.

Qualifications and conditions

  • Target of recruitment:
  • A professional car window tinting technician who is planning to start a business
  • A tinting brand company that can change the billboard as Premium
  • Master tinting shop
  • Target country, city:
    GLASSTINT is an international brand, established to build bridges around the world.
  • Store condition:
    At least 100m2 shops and parking facilities over 40m2