We have walked on our path with dedication and a sincere heart toward automotive window tinting.

Leading-edge Technologies

We are confident that our team is qualified and skilled in the application of high-quality window tinting films..

An expense on window tinting is to preserve your investment and it’s not something about cost issue

You chose your vehicle based on its beauty and technical specifications. We believe that window tint film should be tailored to enhance the appearance of your windows while also offering the best protection for you and your vehicle as well

Our premium nano-ceramic window films feature the world’s most advanced optical technology. They look great and have low transmission and high rejection of light without interfering with style and clarity.

Craftsmanship in our service

We speak of world-class window tinting film only when the tinting is flawless, but GLASSTINT film guarantees consistent quality regardless of who installs it.

We never compromise on quality so we don’t cease our efforts when we expect better work outcomes. We are technically different with other brands who complete a cutting work in just a few minutes. We don’t save our time to get the tinting done to be impeccable

We never compromise on quality, so we don’t stop working when we expect better results. We are technically distinct from other brands that complete cutting work in a matter of minutes. We don’t put off getting the tinting done because we want it to be perfect.


Our Master Shops are something else

We are the only brand that prioritizes cleanliness and comfort as essential structural elements in our studios. We specialize in providing high-end tinting services to customers who adore their automobiles.

While our studio provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our visitors, they are separated from the tinting work area to ensure a dust-free and static-free working environment.

Sophisticated Training

Extensive experience in performing the most difficult installations

GLASSTINT’s technician training time is longer than that of other band programs.

We only work with experienced technicians who are constantly trained and audited to provide the best installations possible to our customers. GLASSTINT’s technical staff includes experts who were among the first to use advanced premium tinting techniques such as Korea’s first heat-reflective auto glass installation technique (heat shrink), professional windshield installation, and our renowned PicoEdgeTM technique.

We are constantly investigating the best of the latest installation technologies in order to provide an industry-leading service. Our training has become in high demand, even from abroad, which is why we established our Academy

Proven brand

We stay to be stable in cut-throat market

Korea is one of the most competitive markets in the world, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce as customers become more demanding. Because GLASSTINT prioritizes customer satisfaction, we treat each and every customer with sincerity and friendliness. Our sophisticated tinting process distinguishes us in terms of quality assurance. We are extremely proud to have tinted over 50,000 vehicles in Korea and are pleased to see the growing number of  Premium Master shops and partners

We have become a favorite automotive tinting brand respected by BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, and Lamborghini showrooms in Korea due to our high-end products and differentiated services.

Customer Service

All integrated system for comfortable service

We are currently working on a centralized ERP system that includes a membership management system, a nationwide booking system, an after-sales system, logistics management, G-Point management, and a quality assurance system.

As an integrated B2B and B2C management system, it organized all structures so that every partner’s shop can provide after-sales service anywhere, regardless of where you get your car tinted. GLASSTINT is working hard to make customer service more comfortable than ever.

Experience our brand

You can also have it in your car.