Why Ceramic Window Tinting Film

After years of tinting experience, we decided to specialize in ceramic window tinting films. There is a reason why it is the best choice to tint your car.

GLASSTINT Clear vision window film technology

Whether you have a different brand of window tint or if a certain car dealership claims that it has the best window tinting, it has only the same benefits whatsoever; only with varying intensities based on its quality and technology used in the installation.

High-quality window tinting films

Vehicle window films should be considered as an investment since tinting a car’s windows carry a lot of benefits. That’s why you should consider high-quality nano-ceramic window films.

What each product line does for you

Car window tinting is a specific industry, where once the tinter found the window film that suits his needs best, it is most likely that he will not change his choice for a long time.

Difference between Metallic, Dyed and Ceramic Tinting Film

What is the difference between dyed tinting film and ceramic tinting film? What is the difference between metallic tinting film and ceramic tinting film? Maybe you wondered about this before tinting your car. Here we are going to explain the difference between these three technologies.

Installation Disparity

Consumers nowadays conduct thorough research and investigation before making any decision, tinting reviews are more popular than ever

How window tint film compares

Claims about “infrared rejection” are not all that one needs to review to find the best window tint.