Shure X

Premium Ceramic Tinting Film
Amazing in every aspect



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When your car demands the highest specs in window tint. A sophisticated tinted film structure that is delicate enough to feel like part of the glass and is spectacular at sight

Shure X

Our most advanced film yet

South Korea is number 1 in optical technology

Korea bolsters the most advanced optical technology in the world. Our film shares visual properties with the QLED screens made by leading Korean manufacturers that emphasize glare reduction and reduce distortion on a thin layer of only 2ply.

Clear vision at all times

Clear vision at night time even on the darker shades due to the highest grade of cyanide. GLASSTINT Shure X Ceramic Window Tint is manufactured using ‘Super Clear Material,’ which has top-grade high-density molecular structure and also boast a semi-permanent lifespan with performance and composition that undergo little to no change over time. 

Repels Heat

Advanced Inorganic compounds designed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. GLASSTINT Shure X Premium Ceramic Tint can reduce indoor summer temperatures up to 13ºC*. The film blocks the solar energy that would penetrate through the glass so it maintains a stable temperature inside the car. This also improves energy and fuel efficiency. GLASSTINT Shure X blocks solar energy and heat better than current films** with up to 96.2% infrared ray rejection*.

Shatterproof Protection

A powerful pressure-sensitive adhesive used to fix the film onto the glass prevents the glass from shattering to minimize fatality in case of accidents.

Reflects UV

High-quality tinting film that blocks 99% of UV A & B so it protects your skin from harmful UV rays thanks to advanced nano-ceramic technology.


Produced using non-metallic materials that do not interfere with radio wave signals (zero radio wave interference in GPS, radio glass antenna, radio-type parking cards, smartphones, etc.)

Consistency on every shade

The degree of the glimmer isn’t based on dyes but determined by the spaces between the particles so the colors are consistent on each VLT for the same family. GLASSTINT Shure X which has top-grade high-density molecular structure so the outside color is true black while in the inside you’ll perceive charcoal with hints of midnight blue.


Available in 06, 12, 20, 32 and 50 VLT.

Window Tint
Window Tint Outside Inside Car

The chosen one

Lamborghini understands the needs of those who pursue the most extraordinary.

They have chosen GLASSTINT Shure X and GLASSTINT Optic W to enhance the powerful beasts they create.

All Lamborghini’s sold in Korea now sport GLASSTINT window films.

Choose your darkness


VLT measures how dark the tinting is.
Click below to see the technical aspects per each shade of VLT.

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Premium Ceramic Tinting Film
Amazing in every aspect



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Shure X is the most advanced film yet. Enhance your vehicle with it.


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