GLASSTINT Clear vision window film technology

Whether you have a different brand of window tint or if a certain car dealership claims that it has the best window tinting, it has only the same benefits whatsoever; only with varying intensities based on its quality and technology used in the installation.

So here are some of the important benefits of maximizing GLASSTINT window tinting technology to give you a safer driving and high level of privacy but with clear vision.

Every window tint in the market has some sort of UV ray blocking capabilities since all materials used in making one can block harmful UV rays to some extent.

While UV rays only make a part of the sunlight, visible light is not reflected while other harmful rays are either reflected or absorbed. For this reason, you can see better while driving in broad daylight.

This is made possible by the technology used in the installation of such films and trust me, if window tint film is not properly installed, it could lead to blurry vision both during the day and at night.

Just like everybody else, we all want privacy. Whether you’re a famous individual or an ordinary man, it doesn’t matter but privacy does. So darker shade equates to privacy.

Window tint gets its darker shade due to its many layers of the film so this means that a darker looking tint means a thicker layer of film.

The purpose of adding numerous layers of film is to upgrade certain features a thin film is inadequate to do, for instance; reflecting a bigger amount of sunlight.

So if you want some privacy in your car, you can opt for a lower tint percentages for darker shade accompanied by its benefits.

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