The GLASTINT difference in film installation

Our customer today asked for the inspection of his new car. He came to the inspection studio and checked everything with us. After the inspection, he left the car to tint its windows at GLASSTINT.

He has been worried about where to install his car windows, but he finally chose GLASSTINT.

We prepare the installation with a meticulous masking in the inside and the outside of the car. After the masking with a cut by hand the films that are going to be installed.

After we cut the films, we begin with the actual installation.

During the installation, we avoid any surface roughness by using our "Pico Edge" technique.

One of the big reasons why GLASSTINT has been chosen is the visibility of our films.

Windshield: Shure 40%
Rear and sides: Shure 10%
The optimum density for the Sportage QL.
The best heat-blocking and the greatest visibility.

The visibility from the inside does not lie. Also, the inside of the car has not been harmed thanks to the masking.

This is one of the most special sportages as it has been inspected in GLASSTINT, and additionally, it has been tinted in GLASSTINT.