Why Ceramic Window Tinting Film

After years of tinting experience, we decided to specialize in ceramic window tinting films. There is a reason why it is the best choice to tint your car.

Types of tinting films

When you look for tinting films you will find a large range of options in the market. The most popular are dyed, metallic and ceramic film.

For someone who doesn't know anything about tinting film, it may be a little confusing. If you want to know more about the difference between these 3 types you can read this article.

Why ceramic film?

Ceramic window tint is relatively new in the tinting market. Therefore, ceramic is the most advanced and has the highest quality among the others.

Benefits of ceramic window film


Because ceramic film is non-metal, you won't have any problems using electronic devices. Metallic films interfere with the functioning of electronic devices such as GPS, phones and radios by blocking the radio and electronic signal waves.

99% UV rays Block

Ceramic tinting films block around 99% of the UV rays that penetrate windows. UV rays are harmful to the skin. They can damage your skin and can lead to skin cancer. In South Korea people care a lot about skincare. Because of this, every car in South Korea is tinted.

Heat rejection

Ceramic window tint protects you better from heat. Ceramic blocks out more infrared and UV rays than any other window tint technology currently available. The film is imbued with small, ceramic-based nanoparticles that block the heat.


Metallic and dyed films change their color over time. This is eliminated with ceramic window film. Ceramic film color doesn't fade away and can last longer than any other material.

Shatterproof Protection

Ceramic film is shatter-proof. This means that in case of an accident, the broken glass pieces will remain in place. This minimizes fatality in case of accidents.

Glare reduction

Thanks to the ceramic film, there is a significant reduction of glare and reflection. This is because the ceramic particles absorb light rays, preventing penetration and reducing glare. This translates into a safer driving experience.


If you are thinking about tinting your car, your boat, or even your residence, consider ceramic film. It is more expensive than other films. However, we think it is worth it. Even if the price is higher, due to its long durability, in the end you save money.