Why the United Nations has chosen GLASSTINT to tint their bulletproof vehicles

The other day we were reached by a representative from The Armored Group, the company that supplies bulletproof cars to the United Nations, to tint their cars.

Those cars go to dangerous places all over the world, they need to protect the ambassadors of the United Nations from any troubles in potentially troublesome regions.

New Window Tinting partner acquisition

Why did those cars, actually, need tinting film on them, anyway?

As we were explained, at the very beginning of signing a contract for vehicles supply the requirement for car windows to be darkened was not in place. However, how it often happens, somebody changed his/her mind and by about the end of the car construction, the UN demanded tint on cars. Pretty emergency, due to the fact that bulletproof windows 60 mm are supposed to be manufactured with tinting inside, and not tinted as it is done on typical vehicles. Therefore The Armored Group company ended up looking for a highly experienced and skilled car tinting company, which can handle extraordinary cases. They managed to find out about GLASSTINT.

Difficulties in tinting vehicles for UN

Problems. These cars have 60 mm polycarbonate bulletproof windows, which are absolutely not movable (do not go up and down). The material of the window does not allow to use heat shrinking while installing Window tinting film. That is why the work is more complicated than a usual car since the back windshield has a curve, which needs heat shrinking to be applied. Problem number 2 is that the area, where cars are stored, is not really appropriate for tinting, due to its dusty nature. That is why it demanded to be even more diligent while installing Tinting film to avoid any dust getting beneath the film.

Who should do the Tinting Installation?

Since we needed the best and the most experienced tinter we have, the one from Korea went to fulfill the work. He traveled to Dubai (there, they have The Armored Group subsidiary’s workshop with cars) to meet the representative and to tint test cars in order to show that we are able to successfully finish the job for United Nations and there will not be any problems with windows after installation is done. Test installations went smooth (The Armored Group people were now sure that our film and specialist can do the job), therefore they headed to Italy to the UN base. One more specialist assistant departed from Seoul to Italy on the same day to help tinting cars, because there were 19 cars to tint (Toyota Land Cruiser).

What Window Tinting film we used

There were several requirements:

  • Window Tinting film has to be with VLT 5%
  • Window Tinting film has to be made out of ceramic
  • Window Tinting film has to be strong to discoloration
  • Window Tinting film or glue on it should not be a matter for chemical interaction with a polycarbonate window.

That is why together we decided that GLASSTINT Rode 5 would be the most suitable choice. It is made out of nano-ceramic, moreover, many years of practice proved that this film is pretty strong to discoloration. The cars are supposed to go for duties to Yemen, the country with strong sunlight. We have chosen a film (GLASSTINT Rode), the performance of which we are absolutely confident about.

Detailed description and specification of GLASSTINT Rode tinting film

The GLASSTINT Rode 5 film (5 stands for visible light transmitted value) has amazing properties. Starting with Ultra-Violet Rejected value being more than 99%, Infra-Red rejected is from 81% to 94% depending on wavelength and wrapping the specifications up with Total Solar Energy Rejection value at 64%. By any mean this is not just a film, Rode is one of the most powerful representatives of its ceramic class out there.

The color of this tint is Deep Blue.

Furthermore, all the mentioned properties and specifications are going to stay at the same level for many, many years, even in such a “Heat wealthy” country like Yemen is. Rode will be able to serve good for United Nations.

The warranty period for GLASSTINT Rode nano-ceramic film is 10 years.

Prices for Rode installation in South Korea

Prices for film installations are obviously different from country to country, we would like to let you know how much we charge here in South Korea for the installation of our Rode film.

The windshield of a sedan, SUV and large SUV will cost 320$ to 380$ depending on vehicle size. To tint side glasses with Rode will cost 480$ to 540$ respectively to the vehicle size. And lastly, the back window with Rode tinting film will require 210$ to 230$. The price in South Korea will be the same in every shop to which we supply GLASSTINT Rode window film.

A successful outcome and everything has a reason

Back to Italy. Due to the difficulties mentioned before, it took us longer than it usually takes, however, the final product delighted the company which hired us, it pleased UN representatives, so everyone was satisfied. It took us 3 days to finish the job on the United Nations strategic base. By the way, they provided us special clearance to be allowed to enter the place, due to its maximum secrecy.

It was quite an adventure. We have proved one more time that experience and patience are appreciated since not every tinting company and not every tinting film are happen to work for the UN. They have chosen GLASSTINT service and GLASSTINT ceramic film because of confidence in high quality and unquestionable performance. We are very proud to be able to say that "GLASSTINT has an experience providing service for UNITED NATIONS".

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