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What do you think is the standard for choosing something?
Who is "safe? Is it worth it? "Would not it be appropriate to apply the criteria?
Safety and Value This is an important factor to think about when choosing a brand.

Three things that increase your safety and value. It is the perspiration that predicts the future, steadily researches and develops, and constantly strives.

This is our spirit that has led the brand over the last 14 years.

 eyedrow ultimate nutrition

Rather than chasing others, creating new ones is fun and quicker. Everyone follows others, but we like to create new ones even if they are difficult. No one Though we did not challenge to create a network of automotive tint worldwide, our glass tint has already been ready and ready to work with global tint and shop

Everyone tries to save money: however, EYEDROW Academy spares no expense in creating a pleasant training environment. It has led our trainees to concentrate more during the training. Training efficiency has been increased by ensuring their best feelings and conditions.

If you purchase a product from our website or fill out a partner application menu, you will have the first button to partner with us. The world is wide and the tasks of teenagers are not over yet. It is now possible to further develop and design the future through international exchanges. GLASSTINT Global Partnership will provide you with a way to go to a wider world through technology, marketing, trademark, certificate and educational partnership.

Two,A worldwide distribution system available only to us.

Our goal is to supply the high quality tinting film produced at the factory directly to your store by minimizing the distribution system at various stages. You can reduce costs and have the advantage of being able to advise on quality improvement directly to your production brand.

As time goes by, commanding better techniques and building know-how, the ones who are stuck in their own little worlds avoid exchanges and communications with others. Water should flow smoothly to stay clean. You should let the old give way to the new.

Our shopping mall is converted into the currency of the country and the price of the goods is displayed, and payment is possible in the local currency. Because the product includes shipping costs, you do not have to pay extra shipping costs. Glass Tint is the world's easiest tinting film distribution system.

Three,Exchange of technical academy and visit to Korea

We are proud of know-how through construction data database of 40,000 car tinting film. The delicate Korean ethnicity is also said to be the country where the most detailed and demanding people gathered from all over the world. The delicacy of the tinting result is also our great strength.

Technical training and seminars, and a program to visit Korea. Glasstint is actively helping to solve paperwork problems such as Visa in countries that are difficult to visit in Korea

(Note) We can solve the problem of translating the translations smoothly through the language support system of each country

Four,We do not make films that are not expensive.
Being a craftsman is not the goal. I think that everyone should be earning money through tinting to be recognized as a genuine artisan. Only a company that competes directly with quality is likely to grow.
The film produced by Glasstint is a customer-focused film. The ultrahigh-definition and solar shutdown processor is the best price-to-price ratio and can not be compared with other companies. Glass Tint Films have produced only the best selling films and have already become the most preferred tinting film brands in the Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen exhibitions in Korea. Now, with the glass tint film that our customers have preferred
Five,The only marketing strategy.
It is our goal to advertise our brand around the world through Google, which has dominated the global web search market. The IT technology that enables our brands to be displayed in the language of the country through search in each country is only part of the glass tinted brand. Our goal is to make sure that searchers are your customers and that your storefront address and phone number, your global partner, are exposed.

It is also the only strategy available only in Glass Tint. It is not everyone who can gather tinting partners around the world. But what you imagined will come true. Glass tinted film and your shop will be able to do a great job with a little cooperation.

Six,Design is influential.
The film is just fabric. After tinting, the result may look similar to any product. To be different is to get a lot of difference in results. The appearance of the store and the result of construction after the work can be a design area in the eyes of the customer.
Glass Tint provides design support to make your store design and construction result photos look better. I am proud to say that it is a brand that can design a space better than any other brand. If you send us an image of any store in any country, we will cooperate and support you.