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Moment of semi-permanent academy choice

2016-11-09 21:24

2016-11-09 21:24

Moment of semi-permanent academy choice

Our life is a continuation of choice.

Semi-permanent academy without regret at first choice!

Semi-permanent makeup is currently used in beauty related industries

The attention of the most people

It is a field that is received in one body!

With a simple procedure

Because you can make a semi-permanent beauty effect

Both young and old

I'm looking for a lot of people ~

It's nice to have a semi-permanent makeup

Whether you're a sideline or a business person,

Even those who are creating new value

These days, it has increased.

So systematic and well-taught

For those who recognize semi-permanent academies

Semi-permanent academy to introduce you today!

If you listen to information from Eid

Could you have a professional and reliable education?

I think.


The current semi-permanent makeup market

China, Europe, USA and so on.

It's getting pretty hot.

Perhaps that's about semi-permanent

Demand is global

I wonder if it's part of the dispute.

Among the semi-permanent academies,

Eid has a systematic curriculum

It has new and different patterns

With a professional teaching staff,

We are conducting differentiated education that can not be found.

Since semi-permanent makeup is a hot topic worldwide

Semi-permanent academy in keeping with that

In Eidoro

Meet international standards

We are in the process of training

We are preparing a platform to enter overseas markets.


Various semi-permanent academies

Through close information exchange

We are building competent talent.

Among the beauty fields,

Since there is no field in the past,

If you do not miss the opportunity right now

In semi-permanent makeup industry

You can be the new leader!

The present system

Through a global network with various countries

Beauty shop


Partners by country

Partners by organization

Personal Partners


As a link system of various companies

It enables close education system management

As a semi-permanent academy,

Through a varied and detailed curriculum

Leading each individual to the maximum.

We are carrying out education to be able to pay.

This kind of detailed and systematic

Semi permanent academy

It is a differentiated part ~!

For true beauty today

Semi-permanent academy

In Eid, in the fierce beauty industry

As an original teaching and system


Continuous upgrades to semi-permanent classes

As a semi-permanent academy,

In the international beauty industry

If you want to be influential,

Eudoro will be a good answer.

Good talent comes from a good teacher.

I know the familiar

Professional and Trainer courses

Operated on strict standards

We are producing high quality instructors.

"I want to earn a lot of money with semi-permanent makeup"


"I want to be an influential person in the beauty industry"


Whatever you wish for

With Eidoro

We can achieve it without difficulty ~