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Eidiro Semi-permanent Academy 2 Day Course Review

2016-11-15 20:52

2016-11-15 20:52

Eidiro Semi-permanent Academy 2 Day Course Review

Good morning

It is academy by Eid.

This time, students from China are busy

I completed A course on the weekend.

Because the classes are done on a one-to-one basis

We are working to the best of our students' time and schedule.

This is a student from China.

I applied for semester semester academy class with Eid.

November 12 is a public holiday.

However, Chinese students are required to enter China on the 14th, so there are only Saturdays and Sundays.

So, considering the situation of Chinese students

I decided to take classes on public holidays.

After finishing the theory of micro-makeup

It is a figure that I am trying to figure out various designs.

The person next to you completed the beauty course classes last week

I'm constantly coming out and practicing.

It is coloring with eid.

Our brand colors do not need any formulas.

The colors are so pretty that most colors can be used alone

Natural coloring is also good color.

A Chinese student is practicing on the skin firstly after taking a class

Digital Machine Training with Eid

Try all of your digital machine needs.

To find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of you


So, depending on the situation,

Helps to avoid chaos.

Even with the aid of the teacher, the learner repeats the same mistake

Without leaving the side

You can fix it over and over again.

Edu is a semi-permanent academy, Mr. Yoon Suk Choi is communicating with students. ^^

Certificate of Graduation

Group photo.


If you want to have your own semi-permanent technology!

Anyone does a new pattern, not a pattern ~

You can become the best semi-permanent technician.