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The growing fine wrinkles are alredy late? The function of the ampule

2016-12-26 01:40

2016-12-26 01:40

Wrinkle improvement From one to heat! I need to know





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Today, Eidoro has prepared skin care instructions. Every person has different skin types. I have a problem with my skin. If there are any items that can improve these troubles with one ampule ?! What about ???? I'll introduce that item ~



The CLEOPINE ampoule has three main functions.

Improve wrinkles, improve skin tone, acne and skin inflammation. Improve sebum.

Today, I would like to introduce the first feature of Cleopatra Ampoules to improve wrinkles.

Causes of wrinkles Skin consists of three steps! It is largely divided into epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue The dermis is most related to wrinkles. The dermal layer protects the skin from the outside and is made up of proteins such as collagen and elastin Between collagen and elastin, there is a polymer repair ingredient called hyaluronic acid, Sponge-like structure keeps skin elasticity Healthy skin, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid is constantly regenerating, right? If the regeneration cycle breaks down, then it is difficult to recover unless artificially added or promoted regeneration. The older the age, the faster the aging and the wrinkles increase. Not only aging, but also ultraviolet rays and dryness can accelerate faster.


How to improve wrinkles

We have to make a lot of efforts to prevent the acceleration of wrinkles.

In such a way, it is necessary to understand the structure of the dermis and penetrate into the dermis the ingredient that helps regeneration.

1. Components of the dermis Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are applied directly to the skin to penetrate.

2. Pack to help regenerate skin.

3. Eating habits.

4. Lifestyle.

How the CLEOPINE ampoule works The exact expression that many cosmetics talk about is absorbed in the epidermis (stratum corneum). Absorption into the dermis is extremely small through capillaries. The CLEOPINE ampoule is made from minerals and nutrients that are (+) ionized and permeable to the dermis layer without being clogged by the (-) ionic skin barrier. The 28 kinds of fermented peptides extracted from Leaf mushroom extract of Cleopain Ampoule ingredient improve wrinkles.

** What is a peptide? It is a fragment of a protein made entirely of components of the alpha-amino acid protein. Large peptides or proteins are the most important components of the human body, as well as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Cleopatra Ampoules work to improve wrinkles, the principle is that the fermented peptides extracted from the sea mushroom are absorbed into the dermal layer of the skin and activate and increase the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin to supply moisture and nutrients to keep the dermis thick and healthy. It feeds and activates the nutrients needed for tissues that support the epidermis to stick to the deep subsurface layer, so that the skin is stretched by gravity and so that the tissue is not struck down.

To ensure proper skin care The basic thing is to know about theory and skin type. What is really important is that the ingredients of the products used in skin care and the best products, regardless of whether they use the product, should be accompanied by lifestyle or eating habits When these various things are equipped, you can make a really healthy and beautiful skin. Now everyone has a basic skin care ,, time has passed. At Eduro Academy, we prepared this curriculum curriculum, It is packed with practical curriculums to ensure excellent results. The basic certification process is important, but in addition to that, you can deepen your skin and challenge advanced skin care.

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