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EYEDROW semi-permanent course full chase! PART. 5-4

2017-01-05 05:20

2017-01-05 05:20

EYEDROW course full chase, take you into EYEDROW semi-permanent course ~


Today entered the fourth day of the semi-permanent makeup five-day course.
First to Zhang before class according to ~ ~
Huh? Today why we can not see the sister's presence? ?? ??
Because early in the morning our sister from late ha ha.
We also love the children through the hotel's sister to the phone to the morning call.
Fortunately, the hotel is relatively recent and more convenient not to be late ~ ~ ~

Today, the first three paragraphs to enter the water law to correct,
As well as the details of the need to pay attention to points.
Than before a more detailed hands-on teaching,
Our lecturer is really a variety of meticulous,
Will own long practice in the process of accumulation of experience without reservation of all the professors to students.

And then a deeper interpretation of the color harmony.
Eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, hair line semi-permanent make-up when the various colors needed.
The color neutralization in the palette,
The relevant knowledge involved.
Our sisters also carry out thorough detailed notes.

Next to enter the semi-permanent hairline learning friends ~ ~
First, it is theoretical knowledge ~ ~
Hairline type of hair loss,
Draw lines, color, according to the characteristics of the hair needs attention points.
Relative to the eyebrows eyeliner, hairline needs of the process may be more long-term,
Because the hair of the line for the most basic cycle to three complementary color.
28 days × 3,
Light think of a long time-consuming ah ~ ~ ~

Where to start, how to draw more natural,
The teacher also conducted a one by one explanation.

Then there are teachers before done the hairline results,
Because semi-permanent hairline technology is relatively high,
So the teacher in order to show more natural hair line,
For students to show the pictures and videos done before.

After lunch, it entered the high imitation human face model of the actual operation.
Because tomorrow the last day to enter the real face of the actual operation,
Time is more urgent, eliminating the need for a real operation process.

This is a long process,
As is the simulation of human face,
From the eyebrows, eyeliner, lips all hands-on practice.
Of course, teachers will have been watching the guidance.
According to the color of the face model to adjust the intensity of the next knife,
When to use hand knives, when with a mechanical knife ~ ~
How to mix and match pigments ... ...

Finally, we show the results of student practice model ~ ~ ~ ~
In order to make us more clearly see the results of our students,
Love Zhuo children specifically for everyone to a big picture feature.
(Figure due to limited time on the left eyebrows are not fully completed ~~)

Haha, because the hands of the whole process will be stained on the pigment model,
Now see the face model is carefully grazed several times ~
Small powder face is not a little Japanese style?? ~ ~ ~ ~
Tomorrow is the last day of EYEDROW's semi-permanent course.
Will be the actual model training ~ ~ ~
Stay tuned !!!