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One day gradation eyebrow second bomb! !!

2017-01-12 02:09

2017-01-12 02:09

Dean of the deep gradation eyebrow exchange ~ ~


Last week, We held a Gradation technique try-out seminar that focuses on the Chinese Micro-blading beginners, 

Today, we invited Ms. Chi for a Gradation seminar that only for Korean Miro-blading practitioners.

Participants are Shop-owners, people who are interested in Micro-blading, also a tattoo artist that come all the way from New York City.

They all have one goal, is to polish own micro-blading skills and trying to find out what's different between their own technique and other professions'. 

Here's the space that we prepare for all participants. 

Since most of the participants are not beginners of the industry.
All carrying basic knowledge of Micro-blading
Without lots of introduction. 
Instructor Ms. Chi straight to the point and started the seminar.

But to mentioned, 
Ms.Chi is an experienced Micro-blading operator that has been practicing for almost 12 years.
With a record for servicing more than 20 people a day.
Ms. Chi has been operating Micro-blading for more that 90,000 people.
With such amount of practise Ms. Chi certainly develop her own Know-how and understanding of micro-blading. 
So today she's going to share her own experience with all Eyedrow participants. 

Different from ordinary course, 
Seminar are more about communication,
Participants are not come here to be educated but to communicate.
Exchange own opinions with the lecture or other participants. 
Micro-blading machine's advantage and using method,
What kind of Pigment or how to operate in order to easily and smoothly variegate.
Participant also discussed painfulness management with Ms. Chi.

Everybody's sharing their own experience or opinions.
Comparing just think hardly by one's own, is really hard to get anywhere.
but to communicate with someone else, can receive more than one's experience and knowledge.

As to Gradation technique, 
Ms. Chi has shared points of the eyebrow designing process.
The height and space adjustment between each designing point
How to match each of designing point is critical to the result.
The whole Gradation or any other eyebrow technique are depending on it.

Recent trending eyedrow pattern are so called "One flat Eyebrow"
Which looks like Chinese character "One", 
"One Flat Eyebrow" would look nice on woman or man with a relatively narrow and choppy face type.
This type of eyebrow is trending through Korea Drama and really popular among Korea celebrities.
Give others a sense of downright, outgoing and cute

Everyone started practicing on leathered, 
Since Gradation is operated with the digital machine.
Everyone grabs the Eyedrow machine that we prepared for them.
and get busy with them.

There were something interesting happened here.
Most of the Korean participants were practicing on "One Flat Eyedrow" pattern.
But the participants who come from New York was practicing all kinds of pattern.
That's one hard-working student

In order to let everyone to have a exacte experience about Gradation technique.
Ms. Chi also pro from a demistration on Gradation drawing technique.
She demonstrated the length, angle, speed and height of handpiece operation method.

Whether an eyedrow is successful or failed. 
natural or not in one's satisfaction 
It's all in these details.

Model designing demonstration.
Do know if the space were too quiet or what,
Everybody looks deadly serious. haha.

The last part,
Everyone shared their experience about this seminar.
Most of the participants were satisfied.
little of them feels one afternoon is not enough.
Everybody had passed a good time in a cold winter like this

Wish everyone get what their wish for~
and an early happy new year.

EYEDROW Academy 
Providing premium, high-quality Micro-blading training.
We will offer more seminar like this one to every participants who are interested in K-beauty Micro-blading.

Thanks for reading~






                                                                                  The end