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Eyedrow Permanent makeup 8-day coures graduates.

2017-01-23 02:50

2017-01-23 02:50

Eyedrow Permanent makeup 8-day coures graduates.


Today, we present to you the last group of Eyedrow permanent makup 8-day course trainees who are currently attending Korean Colleage Academy Chinese students.

Because of the Language Academy, they only available at afternoon.

After a long discussion with us, we set up a customized course just for them.

Re-scheduled our original 5-days course and extend it to 8-days.


Even though we have to arrange the schedule of trainer, classroom and other matters,

but in order to let trainees attend any permanent makeup program conveniently and

at the same time don’t lose any efficiency of training process,

we finally set up a 8-day of permanent makeup training program.

Be there with trainee and adjust every detail for them is Eyedrow’s first and most critical principle

Although every trainee must practice a lot after class, but without trainer’s tip and lecture, 

can easily lead to an abnormal, uncorrected operation habits. If so, that won’t be a problem that you can fix in a short time.

Every eyebrow line is only a few inches, and the girth of every line is sometimes too thin to the human eye.

For start, it got to be a little stiff and hard to operate, but with deep enthusiastic and trainer’s guidance. Every trainee can master all the skills reacted to permanent makeup


Statics shows that when people are deeply focused on something, the brain can work 3 efficiently than when they are not.

Longer time never equal with good results,

We hope every trainee comes to Eyedrow with a deep and enthusiastic ambition.

Look at them!!! So focus!!!

Trainer has given high compliment to their work~~~

During the course, the college held a fog eyebrow 1-day lecture,

Need to use the first floor classroom,

So the two classes moved to the second floor,

Although the location changed, course enthusiasm still does not reduce ~

Ai Zhuoer can accommodate three training programs (each project 10 to 20 people)

At the same time Oh ~

Therefore, the class when we take on,

Save enough effort on the last day to buy buy Oh ~

A picture of our beautiful Cui Yuanzhang

Cui Dean of the two colleges are very high evaluation,

May be because the two have a design professional background,

So in the eyebrow design course, learning quite fast.

Practical operation design is also very important
Under the guidance of the president,
Our students practice the eyebrow design.

The 8-day course was completed,
Here is Photo Time ~~

This is not the boss deliberately put pose let me according to
Definitely not!

8-day course that is not long,

Said short not short.

I hope the two beauty students in love Zhuoer spent a pleasant time,

Ai Zhuoer semi-permanent training college,

Before the Spring Festival last semicolonial course trainee introduction to stop here ~

I wish you a happy Spring Festival! . .