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Eyedrow Journey by Miss Li, a Trainee from Chongqing, China

2017-04-07 02:21

2017-04-07 02:21

Whole process of Eyedrow formal semi-permanent makeup course- Eyedrow journey by Miss Li, a trainee


Miss Li comes from Yubei District, Chongqing City, China.

Having worked for years after her graduation from university,

she accidentally read the content about Eyedrow semi-permanent makeup through microblog.

Having acquired more information about semi-permanent beauty industry by consultation and other means,

she decided to learn the knowledge about semi-permanent makeup in South Korea and to establish a semi-permanent makeup studio in China after successful learning.


On March 19th, 2017,

Miss Li arrived at South Korea.

Without any basic knowledge of Korean, she smoothly solved many problems,

such as transportation and accommodation, under the careful guidance of our customer service staff.


Next day, Miss Li came to Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy for the first time.

After signing up for Eyedrow’s latest session of formal semi-permanent makeup course,

she formally embarked on Eyedrow semi-permanent makeup journey in South Korea.


We will present the details of her learning life at Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy for you.

After the brief and relaxing self-introduction by both instructors and trainees, the class for the first day started.


The instructors briefly imparted the basic knowledge about semi-permanent makeup to trainees at first.


They also delivered the knowledge about semi-permanent design of mostly basic eyebrow styles to trainees.

During the instruction about the knowledge about semi-permanent design of basic eyebrow styles,

our instructors carefully discussed and explored the development tendency of presently popular eyebrow styles.

In addition, they demonstrated the design in person during instruction so as to provide references for trainees.

After careful study for the first day and understanding of the theory about the design of basic eyebrow styles,

Miss Li and her learning partners mastered theoretical knowledge about the design of currently popular eyebrow styles,

basic eyebrow styles and others and accumulated preliminary hands-on experience.

The second course was to practice how to design eyebrow styles on the faces of live models.

Like former sessions of formal semi-permanent course,

trainees designed eyebrow styles on the faces of live models.

Designing eyebrow styles on the faces of live models is entirely different from former designing in paper.

Miss Li cherished these opportunities for practice.

Under the careful guidance of the instructors, she smoothly mastered the skills to design basic eyebrow styles on the faces of live models.

 “Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it”.

From Miss Li’s positive attitudes, we seem to see that her studio to be established can thrive.

After smoothly finishing the course for eyebrow style design,

Miss Li moved up to theoretical content about procedure at more professional level.


Procedure is the most important process that requires the most professional knowledge and skills in the process of semi-permanent makeup.

Procedure can directly reflect the technical level of a semi-permanent makeup artist.


During subsequent observation lessons for simulative procedure,

thanks to rich experience accumulated in semi-permanent makeup industry for years,

our instructors provided perfect experience of simulative procedure observation for trainees.


During the observation of simulative semi-permanent procedure,

Miss Li and her learning partners were always making notes and shooting important processes with mobile phones or

tablet PCs as the reference for subsequent practice or procedure by themselves.

Time together is always short-lived, and the trainees for this session’s formal semi-permanent course graduated.

As a learner with relatively outstanding performance,

Miss Li won high recognition and praise from the representative

and instructors of Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy at graduation ceremony.

Afterwards, we’ll share the sweet moment when graduation picture was taken.

In despite of short days when we got along with each,

Miss Li established deep friendships with instructors, staff and learning partners.

On the day of graduation,

everyone took a group photo to commemorate such warm and pleasing semi-permanent journey at Eyedrow.

Eyedrow Permanent Makeup Academy has integrated Korean semi-permanent design concept

and German cutting-edge semi-permanent technologies and provided characteristic, systematic

and customized training services for trainees around the world.


Meanwhile, through training content integrated with brand concept,

all the graduates can enjoy the support from Eyedrow Brand during their independent procedures.