Hyundai Grandeur HG, completed with GLASSTINT tinting film

Our customer today came to GLASSTINT looking for a premium tinting.

GLASSTINT is a new paradigm of a tinting store,

and the studio showed in today’s picture is a 396.694 m^2 scale.

Our client chose OPTIC, a smooth film with satisfactory heat blocking (UV, IR) and great visibility from the inside of the car. 

In terms of visibility, our client chose an appropiate film of 45% density that provides

visibility from the inside and privacy from the outside.

The opportunity of having a good accurate consulation session before choosing the film,

is only available at GLASSTINT.

We helped our customer, with various tests and samplings, 

to choose the desired film.

The density of the rear end side glasses’ films is a 15%.

The Optic 15% is the most installed side glass film in GLASSTINT. 

The GLASSTINT metallic sticker is a another level of pride compare to other company’s.

As visibility is the most important thing when driving,

we make you a comfortable driving environment 

with the smallest internal reflectance.

We give special thanks to our valued customer for allowing us to work with this Grandeur HG.