A car glass tinting film is only a material. Human hands use this material to create a final product. There is no doubt that the delicacy of Korea is melted directly into GLASSTINT’s hand technique training. The top 3% technicians have been developing the tinting technology of the business and will continue to lead the tinting industry.

The best way to appeal to future prospects who are trying to reach out the business is authenticity. It is nonsensical to expect the advancement of authenticity without increasing the technical skills. As a tinting instructor in GLASSTINT, who has handled challenging cars and has built up his know-how, the Royal Master will surely boost your average construction ability in the shortest period of time.

Educational training

The first skills, learned from someone, are developed in a heartfelt way, so they grow into habits and do not easily leave the body.

After the training, there is no theoretical training that can not be applied back to the store. The GLASSTINT brand has more than 50,000 car tinting construction data and experience.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Master
  • Seminar