Improve your technical knowledge while visiting Korea.

No matter how advanced and flawless the window tinting rolls are, window film is only half of the product. Tinting technicians will complete the product upon installation. The difference will rely on their skills. 

GLASSTINT is based in Seoul, Korea. Our home is one of the world’s most competitive markets. To flourish we had to develop products that exceed expectations as well as tinting techniques that have clearly visible differences. Our skills have grown along with the over 35 000 cars we have worked on.

A lifelong dedication

There is no doubt that the historic determination of Korea is merged into GLASSTINT hand technique training. Our top technicians have been developing the tinting technology in the business and aim to continue leading the tinting industry. 

A good start

The first skills learned are fossilized while they grow into habits. It’s ideal to get the best instructors available. Even though everyone tries to save money, GLASSTINT Academy spares no expense in creating a pleasant training environment to teach as effectively as possible how to tint. 

Training efficiency has been increased by ensuring trainees feel comfortable and are working under the right conditions.

Useful training

There is no theoretical training that can not be applied back to the store. We teach not just the techniques, but techniques that customers perceive and like. From beginner techniques such as pattern cutting to our admired PicoEdge™ technique, there’s a course that covers it. 

Certified technical training and seminars, and a program to visit Korea. 

Level 1

Pro Tinter

A start in automotive glass tinting. Prepare film for the tinting, practice door window pattern cutting, cleaning, and squeegeeing through the two-shot door glass film method as well as the subsequent one-shot glass installation which is more difficult. Then the best techniques to start with heat-shrinking and apply them to back glass. 

Level 2

Tint Master

PicoEdge™ to perfectly match the top of the car’s window end glass with the film. Advanced stage of heat-shrinking for different film types and techniques that reduce damaging the film. Dust-free installation for windshield and side windows. Techniques for complex back glass.

Level 3

Royal Master

You can apply for the course only after three years from the completion of our TintMaster course. Advanced skills as well as theoretical film construction, glass, and solar information to make you a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional.

Level X


One day seminars to turn those years of skills into artisanship: Detailed Glass Finish Installation, Challenge the ultimate limits of heat shrinkage technology and a Study on the Finishing Method of Dust-free Windscreen

Learn with us

We can also advise about the arrangements during your stay.

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