Premium Master Shop


Our GLASSTINT Brand Studios are premium master tinting shops. More information is available below, or you can contact us for an Opening Guide.

GLASSTINT Automotive Window Tinting System is a brand that will increase the value of your services.

Cutting-Edge Products 

Our premium nano-ceramic window films use the most advanced optical technology available. They look great and have low light transmission and high light rejection without sacrificing style or clarity. Customers like how they look and are relieved to know that they are also protecting their skin.

Skilled Window Tinting 

The tinting film is only one component of the product. This film must be installed by trained technicians in order to create cars that amaze everyone who sees them. Customers’ trust is earned through objective technical skills and excellent customer service.

We gained extensive knowledge while working on one of the world’s most demanding markets for some of the world’s most prestigious brands who demanded only the best. This is how we came up with the PicoEdge Tinting Technique, which perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass.

GLASSTINT Training Courses will help your technicians improve their skills and wow your customers.

A Well-known brand 

Building trust with an already established brand. GLASSTINT has led the tinting scene in Korea since 2006. Despite competition from imported brands, it has managed to position itself as the market’s premium option. Our brand has the potential to generate sales from customers who pamper their brand-new supercars.

We have tinted over 50,000 cars in Korea over the years, as well as the official UN cars. We have partnered with premium showrooms that see our products as a nice finishing touch for their customers.

We will provide you with our brand book, marketing collaterals, website, and any other materials required to promote GLASSTINT in your local market. You can also see some of our previous campaigns in brand gallery

Centralized ERP

Loved by consumers 

Our customers can see and feel about what GLASSTINT makes different.

We are honored to have hundreds of reviews in naver (Korea’s leading portable site) discussing their experiences. We’d love to replicate the situation in your local market.

GLASSTINT’s after-sales service is attentive to the needs of the customer. After-sales service is just as important as acquiring new customers.

An integrated system 

We use a centralized ERP system that integrates a variety of customer services, including a membership management system, a nationwide reservation system, an after-sales system, logistics management, G-Point management, and a quality assurance system.

It is an integrated B2B and B2C management system that produces an organized structure focused on making customer services more comfortable than ever before.

Design is influential 

We understand the importance of photos in business promotion. The appearance of a tinted car gives us a lovely feeling.

GLASSTINT assists you in designing your store for the ideal work environment as well as creating photogenic areas in your store. We have a lot of experience designing spaces.

A GLASSTINT Premium Master tinting store must have customer rest areas and be large enough to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the customer’s vehicle, as well as a comfortable area for the customer to watch the process and wait, and to ensure that other vehicles can stay in a safe location while waiting for their turn.

Some of our shops

Growing Together

We have the products, skills, and systems to assist you in reaching your goals.

We can assist you in expanding your shop business.