Premium Master Shops

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Premium Master Tinting Shops are our GLASSTINT Branded Studios. You can learn more about them below or contact us to request the Opening Guide. 

GLASSTINT Automobile Window Tinting system is a brand that will increase the value of your services.

Cutting-edge products 

Our premium nano-ceramic window films are some of the most advanced optical technology in the world. They are amazing to look at and have low transmission and high rejection of light without using any metals or compromising on style and clarity.  Consumers love how they look and are satisfied knowing that they also protect their skin.

Skilled window tinting 

A tinting film is only the material part of the product. Trained technicians need to install this film to create cars that astonish everyone who sees it.  Customer’s trust comes from objective technical skills and good customer service.

We have gained extensive know-how from working on one of the world’s most demanding markets for some of the highest-end brands who demanded only the best. This is how we developed our PicoEdge Tinting Technology that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass. 

GLASSTINT Training Courses will increase the level of skill of your technicians to amaze your customer base. 

An established brand 

Building trust with a brand that is already established. Since 2006 GLASSTINT has been leading the tinting scene in Korea. Facing challenges from imported brands it has managed to position itself as the premium option in the market. Our logo is able to bring sales from customers who are looking to pamper their brand new supercars. 

Throughout the years we have tinted over 35 000  cars in Korea as well as the official UN cars. We have partnered with premium showrooms who consider our products as a good finishing touch for their customers. 

We will share with you our brand book, marketing collaterals, website and materials necessary to promote GLASSTINT in your local market. You can also visit some of our previous campaigns in our brand story

Centralized ERP

Loved by consumers 

Our customers can see and feel the difference GLASSTINT makes.

We feel proud to have hundreds of reviews in naver (the main Korean search engine) talking about their experience. We’d love to make the same situation happen in your local market.

GLASSTINT’s after-sales service respects the customer’s requirements. The after-sales service is as important as attracting new customers. 

An integrated system 

We work with a centralized ERP system that integrates many customer services such as a membership management system, a nationwide reservation system, an after-sales system, logistics management, G-Point management, and a quality assurance system. 

It is an integrated B2B and B2C management system that results in an organized structure that is focused on making customer services more comfortable than ever. 

Design is influential 

We know how important photos are to promote a business. Photos of the installation after the work is finished can be enhanced by a beautiful area. 

GLASSTINT provides support to design your store for the ideal work scenario as well as create photogenic areas in your store. We have extensive experience in designing spaces. 

A GLASSTINT Premium Master tinting store must have resting facilities for customers and the place must be spacious enough to provide a safe and comfortable working place for the customer’s vehicle, a comfortable area for the customer to watch the process and wait and also ensure other vehicles can stay in a safe place while waiting for their turn.

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We have the products, skills, and systems to help you reach higher.

If you want more out of your shop we can make it happen.