Tinting shop

Whether you are a single tinter that is starting off or you are an already established shop you’re constantly looking for how to offer a better service to your customers. With GLASSTINT you’ll be able to offer the most advanced optical technology ceramic tinting in the market:

1. Many successful installations

GLASSTINT window films are amazing to look at and customers with all kinds of vehicles are constantly marveled at the final results. Have a look at our blog for some of our successful film installation cases.

2. Good tinting results

Specialized installation techniques that look as if the tint was actually part of the window.

You can learn more about them including our famous PicoEdge™ technology in our Academy

3. Heat rejection with style

GLASSTINT films are layered 2ply (1.5Mil) with a 2H scratch-resistant outer layer. They have low transmission rates and high rejection of light without using any metals or compromising on style and clarity thanks to its advanced nano-ceramic particles.

You can learn more about them in our Product page

4. Advanced Korean Technology

GLASSTINT nano-ceramic window films are the most advanced in the world. They are produced in state of the art facilities with special emphasis on cleanliness and quality.

Dust, pinholes, and leveling will become a spec of the past once you start using them. 


Browse our catalogue and ask your local distributor for the product or contact us for more information.