If you are a wholesaler or an importer looking to expand your current catalogue by offering more options within the ceramic tinting range then GLASSTINT is ideal for you. 

1. Advanced Korean Technology

Our production facility is in Korea, home to the most advanced optical technology in the world. 

Our ceramic window films bolster advanced properties to make them safer for consumers as well as beautiful. 

2. Impressive Installations

GLASSTINT tinting films have been designed under the requirements of a +25 year experienced window tinter for the highest grade of cars. 

We have partnerships with showrooms and are the official tint for Lamborghini Korea.

3. Stepped product family

Our film families cover the whole range from entry products such as our Pender line to the pinnacle of luxury with our Shure X product line.

Our film and installation requirements are part of a system that includes film and accessories, increasing the income sources for your store.

4. Strict Quality Controls

GLASSTINT high-end tinting film is produced in a spotless facility and has strict quality control.

This will reduce your costs by eliminating complaints and issues, so you no longer need to deal with returns or worries about pinholes, dust or other common problems that affect most films.

5. Great products

Our window films are differentiated on sight. Black that is truly black and a delicate finish that looks like part of the window.

Our products are now present in over 250 shops all over Korea and making their way overseas. You can view our current offer in our catalogue.


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