Are you a wholesaler or an importer looking to expand your current catalogue product range by offering more ceramic tinting films ? GLASSTINT is answer for you.  

Korea Advanced Technology

GLASSTINT film is produced by the top factory in the nation who manufacture QLED screen without any glare or distortion.

Our ceramic window films features advanced properties to make our customer safer and beautiful.

Craftsmanship Installation

GLASSTINT tint is high graded auto window film initially designed for luxury car and sometimes even requires over 25 years of tinting experiences.

This means that GLASSTINT seek super precise tinting technology

We have ever partnered with official tint for Lamborghini Korea.

Variety of Product range

We cover up full range of tinting films from entry level such as Pender series to the pinnacle of luxury such as Shure X series.

Our film and installation requirements are part of a system that includes film and accessories, increasing the income sources for your store.

Strict Quality Controls

GLASSTINT’s high-end window tinting film is being manufactured in a spotless facility under the very strict quality control process.

No longer need to cope with returns or worries caused by any pinhole, dust and any other issues that affect film’s performance.

Unique & Proven Product

Our window tinting films are even visually differentiated comparing to other films. Truly black color and super fine finishing shows it’s being looked like part of the window.

Our products are currently being served at over 1,200 tinting shops in Korea. You can find our current offer in our shop.

Partnership Inquiry

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