Add GLASSTINT to Your set of film brands

World is changing and car window tinting “world” is not an exception. As soon as following trends and innovations in technology and marketing become difficult for an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship, what is the difficulty?

Typical line-up concept.

Simple concept is simple but has rather many options and combinations. Let me explain. You have tinting shop, and You introduce basically any of these brands: 3M, Llumar, Suntek, SunGard, Solargard, etc. What is so special about this? Well, from line-up prospective almost nothing, since those brands are everywhere, everybody knows them, customer can find it easily… in another words it is ordinary, trivial and even boring situation. You would ask “what’s wrong with that, mate?”.

Customer's emotional bonuses are skipped

Nice question: the answer is on the surface – in this simplicity, there is not a lot to a tinter/entrepreneur. To put it differently, that business situation lacks diversity AND power of freshness. In fact, customers (since they are human beings) are starving for something new, fresh and different – adventure. Having the line-up consisting out of typical selection -> opportunity to surprise and trigger a sort of curiosity in a customer is lost, skipped… Unfortunately.

No worries, there is a solution.

It can be solved easily. The solution that we propose is not just adding GLASSTINT film to Your line-up to reinforce it; it is also understanding the advantages of doing this. With GLASSTINT window tinting films in Your arsenal, You automatically step into a premium tinting area, which (if you are confident enough) brings new amounts of money to the business.