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GLASSTINT Pender window tinting film has a distinctly different performance from other standard films.

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GLASSTINT Pender is different from other standard window tinting films.
Super Lux optical coating technology that transmits light in the straight direction provides high-definition vision after installation.
The intensive inorganic processing method can maintain the performance of semi-permanent color.
The inside reflection of interior is reduced remarkably, and a comfortable view is secured at the time of driving thanks to Pender tinting film.
The thermal infrared cutoff rate is among the best in its class, with little change in performance over the years.
It is a perfect CERAMIC short-circuit tinting film, does not cause any interference to the vehicle.

Roll size: 1,5m * 30m or 60″ * 100ft

Pender window tinting film specifications

  • Total Solar Energy Rejection: 55%
  • Infrared Ray Rejection (based on 1,000nm): 70%
  • Infrared Ray Rejection (based on 1,500nm): 87%
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 15%
  • Visible Light Reflected: 5.2%
  • Color: Graphite

Warranty period – 10 years


Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions158 × 16 × 12 cm

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