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Rode 50TA is a crystal of high density fabric and super lux optical coating.

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The addition of high density fabric and super lux optical coatings provides a unique panoramic view of the Rode film.
Film is made out of nano-ceramic materials, has excellent heat-shielding effect and  discoloration-free, non-altering property.
It is a high-performance film that reduces the indoor temperature of the vehicle in the summer by demonstrating an outstanding solar array control function.
It has an internal reflectance that minimizes the interior mirror phenomenon, which is a defect of other metal sputtered type heat shield films.
It is a perfect non-metallic nano-ceramic film and does not cause any interference to a vehicle.

Roll size: 1,5m * 30m or 60″ * 100ft


  • Total Solar Energy Rejection: 47%
  • Infrared Ray Rejection (based on 1,000nm): 80%
  • Infrared Ray Rejection (based on 1,500nm): 90%
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 52%
  • Visible Light Reflected: 6.9%
  • Color: Deep Blue


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