Huracan Performante With GLASTINT Shure X and Optic W

When we spend time in our car that has not been treated with a window tint, we are exposed to UV radiation. A lot of people are not aware of the harmful effects caused by UV radiation while they are in the car.

Tesla Model X Window Tinting GLASSTINT Shure X

Before Lamborghini had the Urus and Rolls Royce had the Cullinan, the most expensive SUV you could buy was the all-electric Tesla Model X. There’s something marvelous about how fast Tesla’s most powerful Model X is.

Mercedes-Benz C Class with GLASSTINT Shure X

Applying tinting film on cars is more than just mere aesthetics. Tint film also serves as safety by reducing glare while driving and reducing heat inside the car.

Land Rover Discovery X GLASSTINT Shure X Tinting Film

Land Rover Discovery Sport replaced the aging LR2 as the brand’s compact crossover SUV. Its strength is the same as those of other Land Rover vehicles but it’s style is a bit more compact which does well in cities.

Benz CLA X GLASSTINT Shure X and Pender

Mercedes-Benz has several pricey luxury sedans in its 2019 lineup. If you’re looking for a more accessible option, do consider the entry-level 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class.

Maserati Quattroporte Upgraded With GLASSTINT Shure X

Maserati is the cream of the crop, a luxury automobile even among luxury automobiles. But this Italian sports car isn’t just known for looking pretty — it also has some of the best performance stats of any passenger vehicle.

Range Rover Vogue With Shure X

If you are in the market for a ruggedly athletic SUV, look no further than the Range Rover Vogue. The Range Rover has, for years, been hailed for its near-perfect balance of luxury and off-roading.