A gorgeous transformation of the family car Carnival in GLASSTINT.

KIA’s Carnival is well known as a family car.

Now is time to give it a change to family cars.

Today’s customer visited GLASSTINT to get installed

heat-blocking + fashionable tinting film.

This glass’ secret is the tinting film PEB.

This beauty that changes its color depending on the angle,

is only available at GLASSTINT stores.

We protected this family car with a 40% density that doesn’t bother the vision, for the windshield,

and a 15% that provides privacy, for the rear and side glasses.

In the case of PEB, apart from its beauty,

it is a non-metallic film and yet has a heat reflecting function.

Thus, thanks to the heat-reflection , the heat-blocking rate feels superior.

40% on the front side, which does not disturb the driving view,

and a 15% for the rear and sides to make it feel cozy.

Can you tell the difference?

The Carnival that needed something else,

became so cool!

We’ve solved the problem 😉