Shure X 32 on 3 Different BMW M3

Here at GLASSTINT, we've had the privilege of working on a wide range of BMW series. We have developed expertise and professionalism in the installation of tinting film on BMW.

Let's Do a Comparison - Your Preference

The new generation BMW M3 has a larger and wider kidney grille. It comes with an active aero function for improved fuel efficiency.

The easy-to-use control knob still remains in its place. The leather upholstered seats get massage and ventilation function for enhanced comfort. Working on BMW has really been worthwhile here at GLASSTINT. We have left indelible confidence in the heart of our clients.

BMW M3 Windshield: GLASSTINT Shure X 32 Tinting Film

Black Model

Your windshield is made of tempered glass. This is composed of two sheets of acrylic plastic with the glass sandwiched between the layers. This is then heated and cooled rapidly. Not only does this give your windshield greater strength, but it's also much safer. We installed GLASSTINT Shure X 32 on the black model windshield.

GLASSTINT Shure X 32 being a perfect non-metallic film, it was a good match for the windshield. This feature does not allow the tinting film to cause any interference to a vehicle. It is a ceramic film that helps to reduce the warmth of the wind to the inside of the car by blocking the solar heat in the cold winter.

Blue and Gold Model

Installing GLASSTINT Shure X 32 on the gold and blue windshield gives the car a glittering look. Shure X 32 ensures that the light passes through the film particles, the spacing between particles determines the degree of glare. The reason for giving a cooler, more open feeling of tranquility is the fabric of the Shure X 32 film.

Why You Should Consider GLASSTINT Tinting Film Brand?

When you buy a BMW window tint from us, you're sure to have lots of good reasons to do so. Sure, window tint protects you and your interior from the ravaging effects of UV rays. Yes, a dark window tint gives you a level of privacy.

Heat blocking and UV blocking are probably the most common reason people get their windows tinted. There are black-out films which block all the light. Our recommended car window films provide exceptional heat and UV blocking. The tint you choose will determine the exact level of thermal transfer control.

GLASSTINT offers a variety of window film products - ceramic-based films. Our ceramic line reduces UV penetration to near-zero levels.

Our products are designed for long-term, high-standard performance, making the investment well worth it.