BMW 5 Series | Window Tinting Film Replacement

This BMW 5 Series arrived at Glasstint to change his old window tinting film for a new one.

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series had matte rapping when it came to Glasstint. Around 6 years passed since the tinting's life ended.

It is really old film that you can see the color distortion. These two pictures are the same brand's film.

Tinting film removal

The critical part for tinting re-installation is removing the film on the rear window. No matter how careful we proceed, it can occur damage to heat rays on the rear window. The older film is the more possibility of damaging the heat ray.

The current status of the car is very bad that we decided to re-install tinting except the rear window.

Film removing process proceeds to minimize the leftover on the window. It is critical part for the quality of re-installation.

Testing after removing the film proves that basically it isn't the film with good heat rejection.

Repeating the cleaning process will finish preparing for installing the new tinting film. Also as 5 Series car is rapping car, there is one more stage ahead.

Not only the car body but also door molding is rapped. While shrinking, heat gun's heat can damage the rapping.

Tinting films installed

Shure X has non-reflection color sense, 95% IR protection, and no jamming and moire effect.

The re-installation is complete with the feeling of a cup of espresso brewed on the window.

It protects privacy from outside and provides clear visibility from inside.

Nothing is more accurate than experiencing it by yourself as there are so many subjective parts on window tinting.

Tinting that is just for me, Glasstint will help you find it.