BMW 540i Window Tinting

This BMW 540i had tinting film installed. However, it had bad heat rejection and visibility. The owner came to Glasstint for consultation.

Tinting makes a difference

A single experience is enough to realize that tinting is a critical part of driving environment. Tinting the windows of your car makes a big difference in the driving experience.

We wanted windshield installation as soon as possible. But windshield tinting is impossible on the day of changing windshield. At least 5~7 days are needed before the installation.

He decided to install Shure X 20. After requesting the installation, he left Glasstint.

Ceramic window film

As he wanted high concentration, he chose Shure X 20.
Shure X is a ceramic window film that has 95% heat rejection and pleasantness by no jamming and moire effect.

It has clear visibility by minimizing awkwardness, 65% TSER, and 95% IR protection. It is possible in Shure X as it is the film started for the car.

Shure X shows natural black from outside and natural color from inside.
We hope the car owner to enjoy driving without any stress.

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