BMW 6GT Ceramic Window Tint

In today's post we will show you how we did a ceramic window tint in this BMW 6GT. Keep reading to see the final result!


The owner of this BMW already came to Glasstint to tint his other five cars before. The 6GT is the sixth vehicle he wants to tint with us. He always installed Shure X, and he feels highly satisfied with it. That's why this time he wants to install again the ceramic film Shure X.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint

In this case, this is not his car. This BMW belongs to his father. His father doesn't need so much privacy, so in this case the tinting film will be brighter than usual.


Tinting films choice

We will install Shure X on the whole vehicle.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint-03

It's a bit complicated decision. However, he already tinted many cars with us, so he is able to make a quick and firm decision.


From detailed masking to the protection of your vehicle. And our famous Pico Edge technique. We provide a high-performance film and the most advanced installation technology.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint

There are many different tinting brands and excellent film products in the tinting market. But we trust in our products and customers' opinions.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint

Every customer who installs Shure X, is surprised by its performance and the good visibility.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint
BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint

As you can see in these images, from the outside looks black and from the inside you have a clear view.

BMW 6GT 640-ceramic-window-tint

The ceramic tinting film installation is complete. If you want to know more about our ceramic films take a look at the product page.